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An omnichannel strategy has become essential for companies striving to meet the high expectations of today's consumers. These strategies ensure a seamless and consistent experience across all customer touch points, from physical stores to digital platforms. The key to implementing an effective omnichannel strategy is choosing the right omnichannel software. In this article, we take a closer look at the top 10 omnichannel solutions in Germany that enable companies to provide a customer-centric shopping experience. Let's start.

What is multi-channel software?

Omnichannel software is a solution that helps integrate and synchronize different customer touchpoints and channels within one unified platform. This enables businesses to maintain consistency, increase customer engagement, and ensure seamless transactions across multiple channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, social media, mobile apps, and more.

The software collects and analyzes customer data from those channels, providing insightful analytics that help create personalized customer experiences and improve overall business performance.

Multichannel solutions: Our choice

#1 channel engine

ChannelEngine is a SaaS solution that enables brands, retailers and wholesalers to sell their products to multiple online marketplaces worldwide through one unified platform. Their product helps manage product inventory, orders and returns while providing analytical insights and monitoring competitors.

By automating and optimizing these processes, ChannelEngine enables companies to streamline operations and effectively scale their online presence. Moreover, it connects with various e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and other related software, creating a seamless flow of data and ensuring real-time synchronization of all channels.

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#2 SAP user experience

SAP Customer Experience (formerly SAP C/4HANA) is a suite of cloud-based products for customer data management, marketing, commerce, sales and services. It is part of the wider SAP family of software and plays a key role in creating connected, customer-centric business models. The package includes solutions such as SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud. Each product in the suite is designed to deliver a personalized and unique customer experience across multiple channels, enabling businesses to better understand their customers, build loyalty and drive revenue growth. SAP Customer Experience underscores SAP's commitment to providing omnichannel customer engagement solutions.

🏆 SAP Custom Experience has earned oursGerman eCommerce Awards 2023in the Omnichannel Software category.🏆

#3 Magento (Adobe)

Now part of Adobe, Magento is the leading e-commerce platform used by businesses of all sizes to build and manage their online stores. Its flexibility, scalability and wide range of features allow businesses to extensively customize their online stores, ensuring a unique customer experience.

Magento also offers solutions to create a seamless user experience across channels by integrating online and offline sales. Its functionality includes managing product catalogs, orders, shipping and customer information. Adobe's acquisition of Magenta further enriches the platform and integrates it with Adobe's Experience Cloud to provide end-to-end user experience solutions from content creation to commerce.

#4 Ready

Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides online financial services such as payments in online stores and direct payments, payment after purchase and more. Its core offering is a "buy now, pay later" solution, offering interest-free installment payments to consumers online and at the point of sale in brick-and-mortar stores.

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This multi-channel payment solution allows businesses to offer customers flexible payment options, potentially increasing sales and customer loyalty. Klarna's services also include in-app purchases, personal finance management tools and a rewards program.

#5 Shopping

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create online stores and sell products in a variety of ways, including online, social media, in-store and more. Shopify's platform is known for its ease of use, rich features, and scalability, making it suitable for both small and large businesses.

In addition to its core e-commerce platform, Shopify offers a point-of-sale (POS) system that allows businesses to sell in physical stores and manage all sales and inventory in one place. This makes Shopify an effective multi-channel solution. Its additional services include payment processing, marketing and search engine optimization tools, and shipping and delivery solutions.

#6 Big deal

BigCommerce is a powerful SaaS eCommerce platform that gives businesses all the tools they need to launch, promote, manage and scale an online store. The platform offers many built-in features such as responsive website templates, mobile-optimized storefront, SEO tools, advanced marketing features and integrations with leading payment gateways.

What sets BigCommerce apart is its ability to provide a multi-channel sales experience. It supports multi-channel retailing across social media platforms, marketplaces and physical point-of-sale systems, giving businesses the flexibility to sell wherever their customers are.

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#7 HubSpot

HubSpot develops and sells software products for inbound marketing, sales and customer service. The platform contains various tools and functions to manage and optimize customer engagement and company conversion rates.

Its capabilities include content management, SEO, email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), social media and analytics. By unifying these tools into one easy-to-use platform, HubSpot helps businesses engage visitors, convert leads, and engage customers across multiple channels for an effective omnichannel strategy.

#8 code Emme

Part of SAP since 2020, Emarsys is a global marketing automation platform that gives companies the tools to deliver personalized customer interactions at scale. It enables businesses to plan, manage and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, web, mobile and more.

Emarsys uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to segment audiences and create targeted content that increases user engagement and increases conversions. As part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, Emarsys further enables companies to integrate their marketing operations with other customer-facing functions to deliver a more complete and seamless customer experience.

#9 Speed ​​of light

Lightspeed is a provider of cloud-based POS and e-commerce software for retail, hospitality and golf businesses. The platform offers powerful features for inventory management, customer relationship management, workforce management and sales reporting.

(Video) Cross-Border Ecommerce Strategy & Omnichannel Management

With its e-commerce solutions, Lightspeed enables businesses to create custom online stores and manage sales across multiple channels, including in-store, online and mobile. Its omnichannel approach enables businesses to have a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to shop when, where and how they want.

#10 Smart people

Selligent is a marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create and execute highly personalized marketing campaigns across channels. The platform offers many features including customer segmentation, campaign management, email marketing and real-time content personalization.

With its omnichannel approach, Selligent enables businesses to reach customers through their preferred channel, whether it's email, mobile, web or social media. This helps companies deliver a more consistent and personalized customer experience, increasing engagement and loyalty. Selligent's platform is used by leading brands in a variety of industries, including retail, travel and financial services.

In short

The advent of the digital age has changed the retail landscape, making it imperative for businesses to adopt an omnichannel approach. The right omnichannel software can not only deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels, but also provide insightful data that helps improve business strategy and performance.

Keep in mind that although there are many omnichannel solutions in Germany, the best option will always be the one that fits your company's needs and goals. So be sure to thoroughly evaluate each option to determine the software that can truly support your business in this digital age. Stay tuned for more insights into e-commerce trends and strategies—and be sure to check out your favorite omnichannel solutions during the showUpcoming e-commerce Berlin 2024!

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