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Focused on creating an intelligent enterprise, SAP redefines the boundaries of traditional customer relationship management applications with dedicated customer experience solutions. This article by our solutions expert Keshav Harake (SAP CX and BRIM) will provide rich insight on how to best leverage SAP CX to enrich the customer experience and drive business transformation.

Today's dynamic and fast-paced customer demands lead to an emphasis on personalized and intuitive customer relationship management processes. Companies often face operational challenges using different marketing, sales and support solutions. They needed a unified package that covers the entire user lifecycle across all touchpoints in one application. The fundamental need is to engage customers with the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Global revenue for the CRM market is expected to reach $40 billion by 2023 as companies quickly recognize customer experience as an essential part of their digital transformation strategies.

Focus on customer experience (CX)

One of the common questions that companies seek answers to is "How can technological advances help create a better customer experience?"

It stems from new business needs to connect customers with real-time data and improve customer engagement to increase sales, customer retention and loyalty.

The answer lies in the modernization of the technological chain by discarding various legacy systems and moving to next-generation solutions that are unified and harmonized with business needs. Focusing on a rich customer experience is now the new normal, replacing traditional customer relationship management solutions.

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive analytics are widely used to accurately predict user needs and deliver customized solutions to create a better user experience.
  • A 360° view of the customer journey replaces siled customer data across multiple applications, enabling intelligent, intuitive and personalized customer engagement at every touchpoint.

Let's see how SAP is redefining the entire customer engagement lifecycle with SAP CX and SAP BRIM and making it easier to build omnichannel capabilities.

SAP Customer Experience Suite

SAP CX is the successor to SAP CRM and includes features and functionality from a series of acquisitions made between 2013-18. It brings companies closer to SAP's vision of the Intelligent Enterprise by driving automation and integration capabilities for agile customer experience management. The suite was previously known as SAP C/4HANA and is now known as SAP CX. It consists of the five cloud-based components listed below and covers the entire customer journey lifecycle.

SAP Customer Data Cloud supports data security and compliance:SAP Customer Data Cloud is used to collect, store and distribute customer data securely in accordance with regulatory norms such as GDPR.

Emarsys is a multi-channel customer engagement platform for SAP CX,Deliver marketing automation, real-time personalization and campaign refinement that drive business results.

Promote effective decision-making:Emarsys Cloud analyzes customer data for businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions that better engage customers by delivering rich interactions.

SAP Commerce Cloud - Personalization of user experience:SAP Commerce Cloud to manage product content, orders and personalized experience. It has out-of-the-box features that help create e-commerce sales funnels

Improved visibility of SAP Sales Cloud:SAP Sales Cloud manages the entire sales lifecycle with AI-powered forecasting, data collection and reporting. It provides a 360° view of the entire customer journey and helps sales teams better understand customer needs and preferences.

Comprehensive support channels for SAP Service Cloud:SAP Service Cloud helps manage the entire support operation across various channels. This ensures a timely and consistent experience for customers seeking support.

Cloud-based systems make deployment easier, more economical and more secure. Users can choose the desired system from five basic components, which can be expanded according to future needs. In addition to the above, SAP CX also offers the following solutions.

  • SAP Emarsys Marketing Automation
  • SAP Sales Cloud
  • SAP Service Cloud
  • SAP configuration, price and offer
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • SAP Commerce Cloud

In addition to the above features, SAP CX provides a single environment for commerce, sales, service marketing and revenue management functions to provide a unique customer experience. The suite also includes features for master data management and analysis and can be extended and easily integrated with other applications. It takes the personalized customer experience to the next level by creating dynamic user profiles that store data about every product and service they search for and purchase, as well as their purchasing preferences. This enables businesses to provide intelligent and tailored recommendations and offers to increase sales, revenue and improve customer retention.

Multi-channel experience in SAP

Omnichannel is the integration of all sales platforms to provide a seamless experience across the entire customer journey, whether on web, mobile, kiosk or physical. Companies can develop multi-channel experiences across sales, marketing and support activities, increasing customer engagement and ensuring a fast and rich shopping experience.

SAP creates a multi-channel landscape with SAP Commerce Cloud by integrating back-end data and applications with front-end platforms. This helps manage product availability, pricing, promotions, orders and fulfillment throughout the purchase lifecycle. Some unique solutions include Omnichannel Article Availability and Acquisition (OAA) and the SAP Omnichannel Promotional Pricing Web Service, which provides customers across all sales channels with a seamless shopping experience and provides business teams with the right data they need.

SAP BRIM - Integrated billing and revenue management

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) is a solution for large companies that require intelligent and comprehensive billing and invoicing processes. It helps to process customer needs faster, customize billing, manage large amounts of data, and create targeted products and services. The set consists of five components, which are described below.

  • Subscription Order Management (SOM)
  • fusion charge
  • Single invoice
  • SAP Aggregated Forwarding
  • Management of customer finances

Typical use cases for BRIM

Energy sector:The energy sector uses a pricing model based on peak and off-peak consumption. This requires real-time processing of billing data based on usage. BRIM provides a complete solution for automating the invoicing process by quickly and accurately processing large amounts of data.

Rental:An example of a rental service business model is a car rental company that needs to bill customers in real time. BRIM can process data from location sensors and provide accurate bills for services, removing the complexity of manual billing. It can also be used for invoicing in transportation, supply chain and logistics.

telecommunications:BRIM can simplify the complex invoicing process in the telecommunications sector by considering the use of different types and parameters.

Software subscription:BRIM can manage billing for different subscription models such as trial periods, monthly and annual subscriptions.

How SAP BRIM helps companies deliver integrated invoicing solutions

  • BRIM provides end-to-end solutions for pricing, billing, invoicing and claims management. It integrates with supporting systems to create a seamless invoicing process that simplifies the customer experience with full traceability and transparency.
  • Enables a pricing model for usage or subscription-based services with real-time pricing.
  • BRIM supports flexible revenue sharing models for different channels.
  • It supports invoicing and management of prepaid, postpaid and hybrid billing models while reducing TCO.
  • BRIM provides easy integration options with other SAP modules and invoicing systems.

The above solutions offered by SAP expand its definition of the Intelligent Enterprise by providing the features required for a rich user experience. The focus is on providing customers with tailored, timely and personalized products and services through an in-depth analysis of customer preferences and interests. This is crucial in a competitive market where customer needs are diverse and dynamic. Combined, SAP CX Suite and BRIM create unified, intelligent and intuitive business models that simplify customer engagement for businesses and clients.


Is CX an omnichannel experience? ›

An omnichannel customer experience (CX) is a multichannel—brick-and-mortar, desktop, mobile, etc. —approach to marketing, sales and customer service that creates an integrated and seamless customer experience.

What is omnichannel approach to CX? ›

An omnichannel CX strategy allows consumers to engage with the business through their chosen channels while maintaining a seamless transition throughout the interaction. As a result, it improves consumer satisfaction and is the most effective approach for client retention.

How Omni-channel can improve the customer experience? ›

Having an omnichannel strategy for your business will ensure that you have consistent messaging across your digital platforms. This increases brand awareness as your message remains the same and doesn't change. In turn, this will improve the customer's journey as they are getting the same experience wherever they go.

How does omnichannel impact customer experience? ›

It removes obstacles that keep them from finding and buying the products and services they need. An omnichannel customer experience ensures you remove any friction customers might face when engaging with your brand. They have nothing but positive experiences.

What are the three customer experience CX guiding principles? ›

Customer experience can be divided into three parts: single interaction, customer journey, and lifetime relationship.

What is an example of omnichannel customer experience? ›

An omnichannel retail experience can incorporate several channels, like online platforms, brick-and-mortar, and apps. For example, a clothing boutique sells products through its online store, Instagram, and in person.

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