Pool Landscaping Design Ideas | Reds Landscaping and Design (2023)

Pool landscapingIt offers some challenges for both the gardener and the landscaper and gardener.

plant selection traps

ÖLandscapeYou should choose plants that will not spill too much material into the pool and thereby create a pool mess. Consequently, landscape plants and trees that spill a large amount of material into the pool create a lot of maintenance headaches for the pool owner and can damage the pool pump if the skimmer box is damaged. A blocked skimmer box can also cause cavitation in the pump impellers, leading to costly repairs. Another important factor is the roots of the trees. if you need anyShade over your poolTo escape the hot Melbourne sun, consider aPergolainstallation the use of shadow screen.

Consider the root system of the plant.

The root system is similar in size to the plants' branches and leaves, so fast-growing plants can have root systems that penetrate the pool pipes. For this reason, root barriers should be used between taller plants and pool pipes.

What Are The Best Trees To Plant Swimming Pools In Australia?

Plant around your pool. Our top 8 plants

One of our favorite planting schemes for planting around swimming pools and also for rooftop gardens is the tropical garden. TheTopic landscape designit will result in an exotic and lush appearance that enhances the sense of calm. Plants for this design theme can be hardy plants, making them ideal for the Melbourne climate.

1. Antarctic Dicksonia

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Dicksonia Antarctica is an evergreen fern that grows naturally in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne which also means it is ideal for the Melbourne garden. It naturally grows in moist, shady canyons, which also means you need to water it well in the canopy. For this reason, we recommend a drip irrigation system. An underplanting of ferns and smaller hostas will also add an exotic tropical effect to your garden.

2. blechnum's hump

The Miniature Fern or Blechnum Gibbum usually grows like a fern. The leaves can grow up to 1 meter long.

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3. Cycads – Cycas Circinalis L. Familie Cycadaceae

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At the time of the dinosaurs, cycads covered the earth. These plants are great for creating an exotic tropical look in your Melbourne garden.

4. Chinese windmill

Trachycarpus fortunei is a very hardy and frost-resistant palm. Also known as the Chusan Palm, it is salt tolerant, which also makes it a good choice forcoastal gardens.

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5. Cordyline Indivisa

Cordyline is a slow-growing palm-like tree. The Cordyline Indivisa eventually grows to about 3 feet tall.

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6. Hosta Perenes

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Hosta have large, impressive spade-shaped leaves that come in an incredible variety of colors. For this reason, Hosta is a popular garden among gardeners and floral arrangers worldwide. Hosta thrives in moist, shady conditions under ferns or near a pool or pond.

7. Banksia Robur

Browse privacy plans like thatBANKSIA ROBURor Swamp Banksia have large leaves and therefore provide privacy around your pool. This Banksia is an attractive and robust plant suitable for low hedges and containers. The flower spikes grow to just over 2 meters in height and usually appear initially blue-green in autumn and winter, but change to yellow-green, cluster-like flowers during flowering.

Banksia Robur is also known as Swamp Banksia

Not surprisingly, given the name Swamp Banksia, it doesn't mind soil drainage. It could be the plant you are looking for to plant in a humid spot in your garden. It has even been used as a rootstock for less hardy Banksia varieties. If you're in one of the frigid suburbs, you can handle a little frost every now and then. Suitable for sun or part shade, it will produce beautiful flowers in either. As an added bonus in your garden, it will attract birds, bees and butterflies. Like most Banksias, it is an important source of nectar for insects and mammals.

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Or natural habitat of Banksia Robur.

The leaves are large and have jagged edges. This banksia occurs naturally in boggy or sandy conditions along the east coast of Australia from southern New South Wales to Gladstone in Queensland. This makes her an ideal plant for coastal gardens. Pay particular attention during assembly that it does not become too dry. For this reason, a drip irrigation system is a good idea.

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Another plant to consider is theBanksia coccinea or Banksia vermelha.

8. Kentia-Palme (Howea forsteriana) im Pool

If you are looking for poolside ideas, the Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) is a great plant to create a lush poolside garden. It also provides some shade and softens the look of the landscape. Among the palm trees, it is one of the easiest to care for.

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Kentia Palm from Lord Howe Island can create a tropical look in Melbourne

Also known as the Forster juniper palm or flat palm, the Kentia palm has single stalks with large pinnate leaves on long stalks. This evergreen palm is native to Lord Howe Island. Kentia tolerates partial shade and will grow to about 2 meters tall in your garden or poolside pot. This makes it a great plant to create a little shady spot by your pool. It prefers sandy, loamy soil with good drainage and a neutral to acidic pH. It's also a popular houseplant, making it a palm that can grow both indoors and outdoors.

9. Strelitzia Reginae – Ave do Paraíso

For a pop of color in your pool garden, why not plant Strelitzia Reginae or Bird of Paradise? This native South African will help create interest in a tropical looking garden.

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Avoid pool plants

Plants to avoid near swimming pools are fast-growing plants with invasive root systems and plants that shed a large amount of material into the pool. Plants to avoid are birch, wisteria and figs.

Swimming pool landscaping project in Melbourne

A well-designed outdoor space should act as an extension of the home itself. For our new pool landscaping project in Melbourne's leafy southern suburbs, our goal is to make this outdoor space an integral part of the home. The pool landscape should be done early in the pool design and not added later. This generally leads to a better layout result.

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Pool design concepts explored with Trimble Sketchup Pro

Initial pool design concepts are explored using Trimble Sketchup Pro. This 3D design tool offers a wide range of landscape garden plants that can be downloaded and added to the CAD model. This is a great way to do the initial planning for thePool design and landscaping package.

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Öpool areaIt features a sunken outdoor dining area with a fireplace surrounded by a formal hedge. High fences provide privacy while letting in some light.

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The green hedge creates a soft boundary between the recessed dining area and softens the look of the concrete. The cushions in the living room can be color coordinated with the plants in the garden or left in a neutral grey. Gray goes with most colors in the garden, but some colored cushions would help break up the gray.

How do you build privacy around a pool?

Privacy around a pool can be created with fencing, trellis and a smart choice of plants. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design), the data protection aspects of the design can be checked from every angle and coordinated with the client.

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Use computer-aided design toCreate a computer modelA custom pool design plan allows the fine details to be worked out in advance. One of the great advantages of this type of landscaping is that you can control the view from all angles. Privacy can be built around a pool with cover plants and then checked from the neighbor's point of view.

Sunken outdoor recreation area with fire pit

The sunken outdoor entertaining area helps to increase the privacy of the garden, making it easy for children to follow. This type of project that uses garden levels as a design feature also makes the garden appear larger. This is also a great design technique for small gardens.

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Individual pool design. the following steps

After the first concept approval, the pool project goes into the next phase. The 3D CAD model is then processed to create photorealistic scenes for completionPool and landscape packages. Autodesk AutoCAD uses for lines and scaling. The final visualization, including vegetation, was done in Unreal Engine's Twinmotion. This is great for 3D architectural visualization. With these design tools, the client can see what the pool will look like when viewed from the pergola or porch, or even a neighbor's window.

Detailed pool design plans

Swimming pool construction requires detailed 2D plans to be prepared so that landscapers can start the excavation and obtain any necessary permits from local authorities.

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Finalize the pool design ideas

Once the landscape and pool package design phase is complete, a photorealistic model flight is created for the client to confirm all details of the landscape and pool design. Details such as pool installations and pool and garden lighting are reviewed.

The fine details of pool design and landscaping

Exposed concrete around your pool.

Exposed aggregate is a great option for pool surrounds, but choosing the right combination is important. Larger aggregates provide better drainage and grip, but are uncomfortable when walking. According to the Association of Pools and Spas (SPASA), the areas around the pool must be non-slip. Foraggregate concreteA 5mm gravel aggregate should be used near pools.

The outdoor shower as part of your pool design.

If you live in one of Melbourne's seaside suburbs like Brighton or Elwood, an outdoor shower is a great addition to your garden design. The exterior photo below shows matching pool tiles, copper plumbing and a brass shower.

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A shower in the outdoor pool. A practical solution for coastal gardens

Outdoor pool showers are a very practical solution, especially incoastal gardenswhere pools and beach access are part of our Melbourne beach life. The outdoor pool shower is a great way to prevent sand from washing up around the house from the beach. It's also a handy way to quickly remove pool salt or chlorine and other chemicals from your skin and hair.

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There is more to an outdoor shower design than just the part you can see above ground. Consideration must be given to how the shower looks from every possible angle, so the plumbing to and from the shower should be incorporated into the original design.

Selection of plants near your outdoor shower

The garden and landscaping in the immediate vicinity of the shower must be able to handle the extra moisture, splashing water and pool chemicals; Therefore, plants susceptible to fungal diseases should be avoided. For example, the common fern (Platycerium bifurcatum) also softens the pattern and creates a natural look, but may need regular maintenance to protect against fungal diseases. Consider using foxtail palms (Wodyetia bifurcata)

Giant Bromeliads, (Alcantarea), Crotons andwhiteSpider Lilies. A well-designed outdoor pool shower should also be a standout piece in the garden.Easy access to the shower without having to walk on slippery surfaces should also be considered. Customer safety should always be considered in any garden design. The shower screen itself needs to be securely fastened to the foundation to keep it vertical and ensure safety and design requirements are met.

Landscaping and design by Red

Red Landscaping and Civil can offerDesign and build solutionsThis also includes design with 3D visualization, construction and landscaping.

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