IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (2023)

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (1)

Looking for inspiring shoe storage ideas? We're showing you the latest IKEA shoe cabinet hacks to prove that even custom fashion storage can be functional and affordable.

An IKEA hack is taking a piece of IKEA furniture and improving it in some way, like many great pieces of furnitureBilly Bookcase Hack.Those improvements can be functional or aesthetic, or in the case of the best IKEA shoe cabinets – both!

with timeideas for home organizationAnd storage, a solid shoe storage system can be a bit of an afterthought. But anyone who's walked through the front door and stumbled upon a pile of discarded shoes will tell you – every home needs a pair.

If you're running out of shoe storage space, don't panic, we've got all the inspiration you need in this comprehensive guide to money-saving tips.

IKEA shoe cabinet tips: 9 ways to transform basic furniture

any recipe for successshoe storage ideasKeep your shoes easily accessible and organised, and IKEA's range of flat furniture fits the bill. But when it comes to interior design, they lack a little "je ne sais quoi". Their handles and drawer pulls, and even their shape and construction feel a bit generic.

While some shoppers may be put off by this quality or feel the only option is to stretch their budget, IKEA's hackers have other ideas; instead, you can see the potential and opportunities to unleash their creativity.

Let's take a look at some inspiring tips for IKEA shoe cabinets...

1. Create a ribbed piece of furniture with lots of personality

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (2)

DIY and home designExpert Hana transforms herikea hennessy shoe cabinetThis stunning piece would not look out of place in a high end furniture store.

(Video) Ikea Shoe Cabinet Update ✨#ikea #ikeadiy #ikeahack #diyfurniture

She cleverly uses post foil and wood stains to give the impression of real wood and wraps them around the rounded sides of the new addition to completely change the shape of the furniture, we love cheap wood home improvement furniture -Make the living room look more expensive on a budget.

Done right, IKEA shoe cabinet tricks can add value to basic items, and this stylish project is the epitome of that. You can choose a different shade of wood stain to adapt the end result to the interior style of your home and place accessories on top of the cabinet for further personalization.

2. Complete the beautiful look with gold details

By Raden Ayu, content creator for DIY and home styling@radenayuTransformed two IKEA Bissa shoe cabinets using the tried and trusted procedure in our IKEA Shoe Cabinet Hacking Handbook. suitable for your home.

The results speak for themselves – Radena's DIY makeover was a huge success, especially since sheorganization of footwearDevices for some time and they begin to break through their best. So this smart upcycling not only saves money and creates a stylish and functional piece of furniture for Raden's entrance, but also saves money fromsustainable livingThat's the point, because it saves the landfill problem associated with "quick household items".

By the way, changing hardware to more popular finishes is a breezeThe easiest way to make your kitchen look more expensivewithout having to rethink the whole thingThe color of the kitchen element.

3. Upgrade basic cabinets with peel-and-stick wallpaper

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (4)

Bloggers in North CarolinaSarah's heartis an experienced craftswoman and maker, so she didn't hesitate to transform her standard IKEA shoe cabinet into this custom-made beauty. The good news for those who want to create their own version of the project is that it is very simple to do, but very effective.

Sarah used a playful pink and white patterned wallpaper, but you can choose other designs if they suit your style better, making this one of the more versatile IKEA shoe cabinets.

Sarah completed the look with gold fringe, a smart move in a great wayMake the home look more expensive within your budget,And put the device at the entrance of your home and make sure it suits the people who need it.

(Video) $60 DIY IKEA Hemnes Luxury Shoe Cabinet Hack | High-end Ikea Hack

Sarah designed charming panels and plants to mirror her repurposed shoe cabinetpopular wallpapers.

4. Use the landing site for maximum effect

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (5)

This beautifully furnished shoe cabinet belongs to Claire, who runs it with her business partner Lisa@home order, a professional organizing company, so there are many of themideas for organizing small closets.

Claire used the full height to turn the original redundant space into a beautiful wall with built-in shoe cabinetsIKEA Pax trunks, he fell to being the perfect height without any changes or additions.

If you're unlucky with the dimensions of your room, you can easily fix this with a little DIY. If your space is too large, you can quickly build a platform to house the unit and fill the wall or ceiling space, or install an extension unit for extra height.

The Pax unit Claire chose is a shallow option that she explains is "not good for hanging clothes, but great for displaying shoes and accessories." Not only is the project a well-used space, but also the neatly organized rooms are pleasing to the eye.

5. Make a distinctive sneaker wall

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (6)

The next project is a fantastic partition with a shoe cabinet, intended for the sneakerhead. Make sure your footwear is the main star with this display consisting of several wall-mounted floating shelves from the IKEA Lack collection.

Georgia, who runs a popular Instagram account@egetrćet6, is the designer behind this creative showcase. Georgia uses clever interior styling tricks like adding flowers and plants and patterned rugs to soften the feel of a room.

The large mirror on the far wall sends light around the room and is stunningWays to make a small room bigger, in this case also reflects the additional effect of a special wall.


6. Transform an IKEA Hemnes unit with a bamboo bath mat

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (7)

Many home decors benefit from a bit of neutral color and the addition of a reed or groove texture; Natalie Park categorically proves the hypothesis@parkplaceabodeWith his stylish take on hacking an IKEA shoe cabinet. This DIY project turns a basic IKEA Hemnes four-compartment cabinet into a more expensive creation.

As a DIYer who loves creativity and money saving tips, I find this project especially fun because the textured cabin fronts are repurposed bath mats - bamboo bath mats to be exact. Natalie's resourcefulness in finding materials for this project was admirable and paid off, a new trend alert!

To repeat this trick, after removing the pad, cut a bamboo bath mat to the desired size and glue it to the front of the cabin. Once it's stuck, paint the whole thing with a shellac-based primer (Natalie chose the popular Zinsser BIN primer), seal any gaps, and paint the final color of your choice. Don't forget to drill holes in the non-slip mat to attach your hardware of choice to complete the remodel.

7. Upgrade an IKEA shoe cabinet with paint

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (8)

Award-winning illustrator and content creatorItsGromski's heresyare the creative minds behind the following selection of our "best" IKEA shoe cabinets, and in true hacker style, the IKEA unit no longer resembles its former life as a plain white shoe cabinet.

The model shown is no longer in stock at IKEA, but the conversion process can be applied to any shoe cabinet they have and will still work flawlessly. Theresa primed and painted Farrow and Ball's popular blue and black "fences" and added brass handles and rustic scaffold boards to complete the remodel.

Theresa's closet DIY turned out so professional that you really wouldn't guess the humble origins of this recently renovated shoe closet.

8. Use glass cabinets for designer-led displays

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (9)

(Video) Small Entryway Makeover with IKEA hack for TONS of hallway storage! | The DIY Mommy

Our first IKEA shoe cabinet scores extra points for style and practicality. Interior designer and creator of lifestyle contentAshley Keysmart useIKEA Director ShowcaseStore the shoes in her dressing room, opt for glass doors and make your impressive shoe collection a feature.

glass cabinets are one waymake a small room bigger, because you can see the space inside. Shelving is a great way to keep your room organized because you can see exactly what's inside, saving time and avoiding the mess of rummaging through boxes inside your closet.

In an interview with Woman & Home, Ashley shared her thoughts on why the project worked so well for her: "This IKEA trick is a great way to display and store shoes. The glass allows them to be displayed while protecting them from dust. These very affordable and come in other colors to match your space," she says.

9. Use hanging space for maximum storage

IKEA shoe cabinet hacks: 9 stylish ways to transform your storage space (10)

The IKEA shoe cabinets we've seen so far have mostly focused on shoe cabinets. In contrast, this example (one of my own money-saving home improvement projects) uses IKEA hanging cabinet storage to maximize storage when in useorganize the closet.

As a family we struggled to fit shoes, boots, coats and hats into separate spaces in the cupboards, so I turned to my favorite Swedish furniture store for help and managed to cram something in.

I found itIKEA Skubb seriesGreat for this home organization project because it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit most closets. The "hack" here is not to limit yourself to shoe organizer options, but to use a variety of products, including a larger six-compartment storage unit designed to store clothes in the closet, as we've found that Sastav products best fill the available space.

We used to hang our coats on the crossbar, leaving an awkward space under the crossbar; by using the Skubb hanging space we now fold our coats and store them vertically, meaning no wasted space, the lower section even has room to store shoes. Sandals and heels are lined up in a Skubb box, stored under hanging storage that slides in and out like a drawer.

Top tips for a successful IKEA shoe cabinet hack

IKEA's shoe cabinet is the smallest and lowest of all their flat packs, but as we've seen beforeikea desk hack, our experts are a tough bunch and won't let that get in the way of their creativity. Here is an overview of their project to help you make your own.

  • To change the color:A little paint can transform a plain white piece of furniture, but don't forget to prime it first or you'll have to deal with peeling paint. get the latestInterior paint color trendsInspire your choice of sounds.

  • Change shape:If you've always dreamed of owning an expensive, beautiful piece of furniture, get creative and find ways to transform a simpler IKEA piece of furniture, like we do inKallax HackThis can be done by adding side extensions and longer legs or even connecting several IKEA units together.


  • Add texture:A textured surface adds interest, and as our example shows, texture can come from unexpected sources. Bamboo bath mat. Is anyone there?


How many pairs of shoes does the Ikea shoe cabinet hold? ›

HEMNES shoe cabinet has two deep compartments, each with room for two rows of shoes. This means that you can hide away at least twelve pairs of shoes in them - and get a neat and organized hall in the bargain. The compartments also fold down, so you can find the shoes you need quickly and easily.

Can you stack the IKEA shoe cabinet? ›

Need even more shoe storage than that? Some models can be stacked on top of each other!

Do you have to attach the Ikea shoe cabinet to the wall? ›

This cabinet must be fastened to the wall; the back panel has predrilled holes to make it easier.

What is a Trones? ›

Whipping up more storage space in a small home is no easy feat unless you know about IKEA's ​Trones – inexpensive wall-mounted shoe cabinets. Yes, they were created to stash shoes. But, their slender design makes it possible to transform untapped wall space in narrow or small spaces like hallways or bathrooms.

Is it better to keep shoes in boxes in shoe cupboard? ›

Even if you buy high-quality shoes, shoe boxes were not created to support the storage needs of your shoes. If shoes are not exposed to proper air circulation, their parts and materials can easily disfigure or wear out. Some plastic shoe boxes may also cause damage by drying out the glue, fibres, or sole material.

Where do you put shoes in cabinets? ›

Place your shoe rack in the west or south-west direction. If keeping it at the entrance is the only option, keep it outside the door and avoid holding the shoe racks at the inside entrance. Your shoe racks can find a place in the living room of the house.

Which IKEA shoe cabinet is best? ›

The shoe cabinet we like best is the IKEA Bissa. It's just as useful as shoe cabinets more than three times the price, and miles easier to assemble.

How far apart should shoe shelf be in closet? ›

Some Important Numbers to Keep in Mind. A clothes closet should have a minimum depth of at least 24 inches deep, so the clothes can clear the back wall. Shelves for women's shoes should be spaced about 6 to 7 inches apart. Shelves for folded clothes should be placed around 12 inches apart.

Should shoe cabinet have holes? ›

Shoe cabinet with ventilation

Leaving shoes in an unventilated area is inviting them to smell. This is why it is a good idea to invest in shoe cabinets with doors that have holes or gaps in their slats to let out some of the air inside the cabinet and keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Can you use a shoe cabinet for clothes? ›

Keep things neat with a shoe cabinet

It allows for great storage, where you can easily tuck away shoes, clothes, and accessories behind the cabinet doors.

How can I make my Ikea trones look better? ›

There are many ways to hack IKEA Trones cabinets, and the easiest idea is to add a tabletop in some shade – contrasting or light-colored. The tabletop may be usual or waterfall or even frame the whole piece for a more stylish look.

How many shoes can you fit in a trones shoe cabinet? ›

IKEA Trones Shoe Cabinets

This one hangs on the wall and the other two rest on the floor below. Depending on the size of shoes you store you could probably get 6 or 7 pairs in each. (Or LOTS of pairs of flip-flops!) I've currently got about 14 pairs of shoes over the three cabinets, including a couple pair of sneakers.

What fits in an IKEA trones? ›

Product details. The shallow cabinet takes up little space, and is ideal for storing shoes, gloves and scarves. If your storage needs change you can easily create more storage space by stacking several cabinets on top of each other or placing them side by side.

What not to put in shoe boxes? ›

DO NOT INCLUDE. Toothpaste, sweets, lotions and liquids; used or damaged items; war-related items; seeds, gum, chocolate or food items; religious or political literature; medicines, aerosol cans, sharp or fragile items. Items packed from this list will be removed from shoeboxes. Read more about this process.

Where is the best place to keep shoes at home? ›

The best zones for shoe rack placement as per Vastu are the west and the southwest corner of your home. These directions are ideal to place your shoe racks and cupboards. Avoid placing them in the north, northeast and east zones. So, move your shoe rack to its ideal location today.

Why are my shoes dry rotting in my closet? ›

This process usually occurs if your leather footwear is kept in warm, dry conditions. Dry rot can also happen if your shoes are being stored in extreme conditions — very hot or cold temperatures as well as high humidity. The degradation won't happen overnight.

Should shoes be on or off in a house? ›

It is considered a matter of hygiene to remove shoes before entering one's home. When people walk outside wearing shoes, they tend to bring dirt, grime, bacteria and infectious diseases into the house. In India, it is also customary for shoes to be taken off before entering others' homes.

How many pairs of shoes should a woman own? ›

A flawless pair of shoes can turn basics into an outfit, and with a well-edited shoe wardrobe, your style is unstoppable. But what does a basic shoe wardrobe look like? And what is the minimum number of shoes that a woman can own and still cover all her bases fashion-wise? In my opinion, 12 is the magic number.

Should you wear shoes inside your house? ›

If you're wearing outdoor shoes inside, you can bring a number of bacterial and fungal infections to yourself. You can catch the virus from a spouse or roommate if they have plantar warts. That's why I suggest having an indoor shoe specifically inside. Do not walk barefoot inside and do not wear outside shoes in doors.

What is the most expensive thing on IKEA? ›

A copy of the CAVELLI armchair made the new world record for the priciest IKEA furniture, fetching 151,000 Swedish kroner ($16,686.99). Launched in 1959 IKEA catalogue, the armchair was designed by the Swedish acclaimed designer and architect Bengt Ruda.

How to spend less in IKEA? ›

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  1. Trade in old Ikea furniture for vouchers.
  2. Free tea and coffee.
  3. When is the next Ikea sale?
  4. Look out for ex-display bargains.
  5. Get extra offers and discounts with Ikea Family.
Mar 28, 2023

How to make IKEA furniture look fancy? ›

How to make your IKEA furniture look more expensive
  1. Knobs and pulls. A super simple way to add some excitement to your room is to simply change, or add knobs and pulls to your IKEA furniture. ...
  2. Furniture legs. ...
  3. Make it float. ...
  4. Change the tops. ...
  5. Switch the fronts.

How are Ikea cabinets so cheap? ›

They're made of engineered wood.

Ikea cabinet units, on the other hand, are made from a cheaper melamine-clad, medium-density fiberboard (or MDF), a type of engineered wood. “Most millworkers would say that MDF is not as high-quality as plywood construction,” Space Exploration designer Kevin Greenberg says.

What do you call the shoes that is best to use inside the kitchen? ›

Slip-resistant chef shoes are critical to preventing falls while chefs are busy preparing food and waiters rush in and out of the kitchen to serve customers. As a chef and/or an employer, preventing slip and fall accidents is part of your job-related responsibilities. Do so with the right non-slip shoes.

How deep should a shoe cabinet be? ›

Adjusting the Depth

The average shoe rack shelf is 10 to 12 inches deep, which can accommodate most shoes. However, if you have a larger shoe size, you may benefit from increasing the depth of the shelves to fit your shoes.

How do I maximize my shoe closet space? ›

Rolling shoe racks and shoe cabinets work well in loft spaces or when you have more floor space than closet space. The rolling racks hold a lot of shoes and can easily be rolled into a closet or dressing room.

How do you declutter a shoe closet? ›

How to declutter shoes like a pro
  1. Take them all out. I have found that I never really know exactly what I have until I take everything out. ...
  2. Move your favourites to the side. This is an easy step. ...
  3. Pick out the uncomfortable pairs. ...
  4. Sort broken or damage pairs. ...
  5. Group similar pairs together. ...
  6. Ask yourself the following questions.
Mar 8, 2022

Why do people put shoes in closets? ›

Less clutter

Cleaning up shoes is probably one of the things you stress about most when having guests over. I know it was for me and my husband and both of us don't have many! Keeping your shoes in the closet will keep them neat, organized, and out of the hallway or mudroom.

Should IKEA cabinets be glued? ›

To make your IKEA furniture look more professional and expensive, use glue during assembly. When applied correctly, the glue will prevent wobbling and make for strong, good-looking furniture that will last for many years. Assembly experts recommend using either white Gorilla glue or Gorilla construction adhesive.

Should shoe storage be open or closed? ›

As a general rule of thumb: For shoes you wear often, open storage that lets damp leather or fabric breathe will keep shoes fresh.

Are shoe boxes worth keeping? ›

Keeping your shoes stored in a cardboard shoebox for long periods can make them absorb any moisture that builds over time. Moisture causes the shoe to crack, making it difficult, if not impossible, to restore. It also causes discoloration, making the shoes look older or dingier than they should be.

Should shoes be snug or have room? ›

Generally speaking, there should be about one finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Another way to check this is to slip a finger between the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe. There should be just enough space for your finger to fit nice and snugly.

Should shoes be kept in closet? ›

Shoes worn on a daily or weekly basis should get prominent storage in the center of your closet system or entryway where they're easy to put on and quickly stow away. Seasonal and activity-specific shoes, such as hiking boots and formal footwear, can be stored in a garage, attic or back-closet shelf.

How to organize your shoe closet when you have different type of shoes? ›

Install Mesh Shoe Shelves

Make the most of your closet floor storage with stackable mesh shelves, which can stash up to four pairs of women's shoes or three pairs of men's on each shelf. By stacking a few shelves, you can increase the number of shoes stored and get them off the floor.

How many pairs of shoes fit in IKEA trones? ›

The TRONES holds 6 pairs of shoes and the SANDES holds 12 pairs.

Can you stack IKEA shoe cabinets? ›

We have a range of styles and types, including shoe racks that you can stack on top of each other to make even more space and shoe boxes to keep your shoes dust free.

Can IKEA trones be separated? ›

So, a few months ago, I came across these little things called Trones at IKEA: They are plastic shoe storage cabinets and come in sets of 3, but they are each separate so you can arrange them vertically or horizontally to fit your space. OR so you can use just one at a time instead of all 3 together.

Do you have to attach Ikea shoe cabinet to wall? ›

This cabinet must be fastened to the wall; the back panel has predrilled holes to make it easier.

Can you add legs to IKEA shoe cabinet? ›

Can I add legs to the HEMNES shoe cabinet? Yes, you can use a similarly sized wood block risers to raise the HEMNES shoe cabinet above your baseboards.

How many shoes fit on IKEA shoe shelf? ›

The pull-out shoe shelf holds about 8 pairs of shoes. Available in several widths. The recommended maximum weight applies when the weight load is evenly distributed across the surface.

How many pairs of shoes can fit in a Billy bookcase? ›

HOW MANY SHOES CAN I STORE PER BOOKCASE? The IKEA Billy bookcase stores four pairs of shoes per row, meaning that you can store 24 pairs of shoes per bookcase if I use the standard set up of 6 shelves, which are evenly spaced.

How many shoes fit in the shoe cabinet? ›

UP TO 60 SHOES: The shoe cabinet comfortably fits up to 60 of your favourite pairs of shoes. ADJUSTABLE SHELVES: The compartments have adjustable shelves so that they can fit different footwear of all shapes and sizes.

How many shoes does a shoe cabinet hold? ›

Holds min. 8 pairs of shoes. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.

How many pairs of shoes fit on a shelf? ›

We usually allow 8” per pair of shoes for women's shoes and 9” for men's, which often translates into 24” or 32” wide shelves for women (3 or 4 pair per shelf) or a little wider for men.

How many shoes should I own minimalist? ›

Five pairs of shoes is the perfect amount for my current lifestyle because I have an appropriate choice to wear for anything on my agenda. I don't miss having more than one pair of each style or options for activities that haven't been on my calendar in years, like ballet class.

How many shoes should one person own? ›

The traditional rule of elegant dressing recommended seven pairs of shoes, that is, as many pairs as there are days of the week.

How many shoes can IKEA hemnes hold? ›

Room for more shoes in the hall

HEMNES shoe cabinet has two deep compartments, each with room for two rows of shoes. This means that you can hide away at least twelve pairs of shoes in them - and get a neat and organized hall in the bargain.

How do you organize a lot of shoes? ›

To organize shoes in a small space, it's worth investing in shoe bins. 'Shoe bins are a great option because they are stackable, they can hold many shoes, they are widely available, and they are usually clear, so you can choose which pair you want to wear quickly,' says Marty Basher.

How many shoes does an average person have? ›

Women are more likely to keep shoes they don't wear, holding onto an average of seven pairs – while men keep about three pairs. And more than half of females buy shoes every six months or more, with most owning an average of 11 pairs.

Why is the Billy bookcase so popular? ›

On their website, the Ikea company claims that there is one Billy bookshelf sold every five seconds. The bookcase's popularity is due to how inexpensive they are, how long they have been around, and how easy they are to customize.

Can you stack IKEA Billy? ›

BILLY bookcases are built with a stackable design that allows you to attach new units whenever you need additional storage, just decide on what height suits your space best.

What size is IKEA Billy? ›

BILLY Bookcase, white, 31 1/2x11x79 1/2" - IKEA.

What is the rule of 3 for packing shoes? ›

Yes, you guessed it – the '3 shoe rule' is only pack THREE pairs of shoes. For a summer vacation, this typically means a pair of sneakers and two pairs of sandals – one dressy and one casual. It's simple really.

How do you store dozens of shoes? ›

Shoe boxes are an excellent storage option. Boxes offer protection from sunlight and prevent dust build-up. Plastic storage containers can also be used to store and display your collection, just be sure to clean and dry your shoes before storing to avoid mildew growth.

Why are shoe shelves angled? ›

The biggest draw of angled shoe shelves is that they allow you to see more of your shoes at a glance. Couple them with toe stops and you've got a nicely looking shoe storage set-up.


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