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If you've just added or replaced your kitchen splashback, you know how much it can add to your kitchen's aesthetic and revitalize the entire space. However, before you start using your beautiful new kitchen, you must commit to one final step that will ensure cabinets and walls are not damaged by moisture: you must caulk your kitchen splashback.

Our kitchen worktops wear out a lot over time. They also serve as a landing pad for moisture during the day, which if left uncleaned can seep into cracks behind walls and equipment. Over the years, moisture build-up can cause major problems in the walls and cabinets, so it's importantSeal the rear wall of the kitchenbefore using the area.

Why updated Caulk matters to your splashback

Even if your backsplashvisualis good and regularly cleaned or recently refurbished, adding sealant is crucial to maintaining its (and yours!) long-term health. You will be amazed at how much water regularly collects in the peripheral areas of kitchens over time. It is even more important to know the potentially harmful effects of this collected water over time.

If water seeps through an old cracked caulk or an unsealed gap along a backsplash, it can pool in the wall and severely damage everything around it, potentially penetrating deeper into the structure Water that lingers long in dark places is as wellperfect spot for mold, which can cause serious health problems in both adults and children.

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Clean, new gasket material also gives the splash guard a finished edge and can help polish a new space. And before you close your eyes to see a sticky white putty line that's dirty and smudged, think again: this guide doesn't just show youhow to create a smooth bead of grout along the splash guard, but it will show how you can caulk it in any color imaginable.

How to Install Caulk on a Kitchen Backsplash

To prepare to caulk a kitchen splash, you'll need your tube of caulk, agood cartridge gun, a knife and a razor blade and a cloth with some water.

A note on a good kitchen putty: make sure your putty is waterproof and that it ishold over timeas joints naturally expand and contract due to changes in pressure and temperature. You don't want a putty that cracks or breaks the seal after just a year of use!

Step 1 - Remove the old gasket

To start a backsplash that already has putty on it, use your box cutter to cut andremove old puttythroughout the joint. Once you cut it, you may need to use a razor blade to scrape off any remaining bits stuck to the splash guard or wall.

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After removing all of the gasket pieces, clean the joint to remove any remaining gasket dust or small debris. Wipe down if necessary and ensure all surfaces are completely dry before applying new grout.

Stage 2: Apply or seal

Prepare the caulking tube by cutting it about ¼ inch from the tip at a 45 degree angle, allowing a small bead of caulking to emerge.

After loading the caulk tube into your gun (unless you're using a compression tube, which can be applied by hand), place the end of the tube in the center of the joint, with the short side of the cut end facing the gap. . . Move the pipe evenly along the joint while squeezing out the caulk. For a smooth cable, be careful to pull, not push, on the hose.

While you'll need enough caulk to cover the joint, try to keep the beads to a minimum to avoid a mess. The less putty used, the more the work will blend into the overall backsplash without visually overhanging.

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Step 3 - Smoothing the caulk

There is a chance that your new sealing bead will not look perfect. Do not worry! Rather than trying to scrape it in place or clean it up a bit, simply use a damp cloth to dampen your finger and gently run it down the length of the caulk. The water will help your finger smooth and even out the surface without sticking to the skin.

Even if your caulk bead looks great after application, continue smoothing it out with your finger to increase its adhesion to the splashback and wall. Once the waterproofing is smooth to your liking, congratulations! You officially have a finished backsplash.

Discover kitchen backsplash caulking

Now that we've covered the sealing technique, let's talk about the looks. Caulk has traditionally come in a limited color palette that doesn't always perfectly match the color scheme of a backsplash or an entire kitchen. Some latex caulking can be covered in paint, but masking off an area to prevent paint from spilling onto adjacent walls or tiles can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Sashco's color solution: eXact color®

We have developed a product that simplifies the caulking process and saves you time while improving the design of your project. With sashcoseXact color®, you never have to worry about whether the grout will match the surrounding colors or not, and you don't have to spend hours taping every nearby surface. Instead, you can fine-tune your caulking job to a paint color that complements the design of your kitchen or other space that needs sealing. In just minutes, you can mix your grout with a color-accurate paint or pigment before applying in one easy step, saving time and improving the aesthetic of the entire space.

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All you need to match eXact color® is your choice of ink or stain. The eXact color® product comes with a syringe to add ink directly before shaking the tube itself to mix. Once you've added a thickener and mixed, you're good to go! The process only takes a few minutes, saving you the time and hassle of repainting.

design and performance

Don't plan on sacrificing quality to get the look you want. eXact color® uses the same powerful adhesive technology we use in our Big Stretch products to create a permanent seal that will withstand constant moisture over time (although we do not recommend it for areas that will be subject to full immersion) . It can also be used for rooms up to 2 inches wide, transforming an awkward space into one that blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Sealing your kitchen splashback

Installing caulk along the kitchen splashback prevents moisture from building up and causing long-term problems with mold and street water damage. It can also give you a nice clean line to finish off the project nicely. Best of all, it won't take long, especially when you have a product like eXact color® that lets you match the sealer to your entire space's color scheme without a messy paint job.

Whether you've completed a new kitchen renovation, are looking to replace old yellowed grout, or need a custom color for grouting in other rooms of your home, eXact color® simplifies the process without sacrificing long-term adhesion and resilience.Find it at a supplier near youattempt! For questions or concerns,Contact our customer service teamToday. We'd love to hear what you think!

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