Guide to Discovering Kayaking on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast (2023)

timeThe Sunshine Coast is the closest remote location to British Columbia. It's an easy ferry ride from Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay; just one day of water is all you need. However, it is remote and filled with the stunning sea-to-sky views that have made the West Coast famous. Whatever your sailing skills and ambitions, you'll find plenty of options.

Here is the ultimate list of the best places to kayak on the Sunshine Coast.

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The best places to kayak on the Sunshine Coast

kayaking sound of the wasteland

Sea kayaking on Desolation Sound offers beautiful views of the Pacific Northwest (think: towering coastal mountains, rocky islands, and indented coastline) and some of the warmest summer water temperatures in Northern California (let's be honest: ocean temperatures as high as 21 degrees Celsius).Bleakness Bay Marine Provincial ParkBritish Columbia's largest marine park, it stretches over 60 kilometers of coastline and has 11 designated backcountry camping areas, many on pristine islands.

Popular Desolation Sound kayak launch sites include the town of Lund (at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, off Highway 101) and nearby Okeover Arm. The itinerary for day trips is rich. Kayaking enthusiasts will also find week-long backcountry paddling routes. Guided tours are offered.

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Desolation Sound Camping

Desolation Sound, Copeland Islands and Malaspina Marine Provincial Parks offer 11 backcountry campsites for paddlers. From Lund, you'll find fantastic backcountry camping on the Copland Islands in the Salish Sea. The best campsites are on the west coast of Central Copeland, where the beaches are lined with bay trees.

If you start from Okeover Arm, you can paddle to the rocky island of Curme (three locations), Hare Point or Grace Harbour. Pit latrines are available at all designated locations; campfires are not allowed. Reservations are not accepted, but you can pay for campsiteson the line. Check it outOak Over Arm Provincial Park(14 autokampova).

Desolation sound card

Provided by BC Parksoverview cardand in detailKarta kampa VildmarkStream The Sound of Desolation online. Rely on Canadian Hydrographic Agency chart #3538 for navigation; you can order waterproof cardson the line.

Desolation Sound Kayak Rental and Guided Tour

western spirit of adventure

Spirit of the West Adventures (Quadra Island, BC, 250-285-2121) is one of British Columbia's leading kayak tour operators, offering Desolation Bay tours from Cortez Island. Sound) five-day all-inclusive sea kayak trip. Rated 'Easy and Enjoyable', this trip is suitable for all levels of paddlers aged 12 and over.

wild coast

Wildcoast's (Quadra Island, BC, 250-285-9453) six-day guided Desolation Sound Sea Kayak Tour explores much of Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park and offers paddlers an intimate, all-inclusive paddling experience with departures in June and September.

Terra Central Coastal Adventures

Terracentric Coastal Adventures (604-483-7900), located off Hwy 101 in Lund, offers kayak rentals and guided tours of Desolation Sound. Experienced paddlers can rent a fully equipped single or double kayak and set off to explore destinations such as the Copeland Islands or Oakover Bay. It offers half-day, full-day and multi-day tours led by professional local guides.

Powell River Sea Kajak

On the way to Desolation Sound, stop at the Powell River to rent a kayak. Powell River Sea Kayak (604-483-2160) offers Sunshine Coast kayak rentals and guided tours to a variety of destinations, including Desolation Sound. The company has a seasonal office in Okeover Arm for added convenience.


Based in Powell River (604-414-4607), Mitchell's rents sea kayaks, canoes and paddleboards for all your Sunshine Coast paddling adventures, including Desolation Sound.

BC footprint

Footprint BC (Powell River, BC, 604-414-6884) specializes in guided kayak tours of the Copeland Islands and Desolation Channel, offering day trips and wilderness trips of up to six days. Unique themed tours include bird watching by kayak and certified paddling lessons in Canada. Experienced paddlers can also rent Desolation Sound kayaks.

Primorska planinska aventura

Coast Mountain Expeditions (Quadra Island, BC, 250-285-2823) offers an all-inclusive, weekly sea kayaking trip to Desolation Sounds in late June. Expect sheltered sailing conditions and a stunning indented coastline with the opportunity to encounter an array of marine life, including dolphins and humpback whales.

Kayaking the Powell River

The Powell River is an often overlooked boating destination, but it pays off for kayakers and canoeists. Sea kayak day trip along the ocean to Powell River from Gibsons Beach (Footprint BC offers a three-hour guided day trip).

Meanwhile, Powell River is one of the best canoeing destinations in British Columbia, and the Powell Forest Canoe Route has a five- to seven-day itinerary that heads inland through eight freshwater lakes. A shorter route of 13 km is available for a pleasant weekend canoe trip. Both are accessible via Robert Road in the Stillwater neighborhood.

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Kamp Powell River

The Powell Forest Canoe Trail offers a variety of camping options, including a motor camp at the Lake Louise start. Along the way you will find campsites by the sea, located on pearl lakes in old growth forests on the west coast.

Campers can find 81 waterfront campsites along the Powell RiverCampsites Wellington Beach. At the same time,Chaos Bay CampgroundsLake Powell, 7 kilometers from the Powell River, has 48 RV and tent sites.

Powell splits the cards

Powell Forest canoe trail maps availableon the line. Mitchell also providedCanEspecially for rowers.

Powell River kayak rentals and guided tours


Headquarters in Powell River (604-414-4607),MitchellsHire sea kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards for all your Sunshine Coast paddling adventures with paddle gear exclusive to the Powell Forest Canoe Route.

BC footprint

BC footprint(Powell River, BC, 604-414-6884) specializes in guided kayak day trips up the banks of the Powell River.

Powell River Sea Kajak

Powell River Sea Kajak(604-483-2160) offers Sunshine Coast kayak rentals and guided tours to various destinations.

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Kayaking in Sechelt Bay

Sechelt Inlet is the heart of the Sunshine Coast, with a climate closest to the Mediterranean climate of British Columbia (or Canada). Sechelt Bay Kayaking offers a variety of options for paddlers of all skill levels. This is one of the best kayaks in southern BC.

The main launch site is Dolphin Cove Provincial Park, just minutes from the town of Sechelt. The town also has a swimming pool and a parking lot at the public pier. Thrill-seeking whitewater kayakers and advanced whitewater kayakers often target Skookumchuck Narrows, at the northern end of Sechelt Bay across from the town of Egmont. You will find several Sechelt kayaking equipment shops and campsites.

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Battle Sechelt Bay

Dolphin Cove Provincial ParkOnly a 45 minute ferry ride and a half hour drive to Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay. You will discover a beautiful beach and have the opportunity to explore the protected waters of Sechelt Bay in a sea kayak.

There are two options for camping: Full service camper pitches (reservationon the line), or a more rustic promenade intended for rowers and cyclists. For backcountry camping, paddle north from Dolphin Bay. In Sechelt Inlet you will find six nature camps, mostly on the beach and throughout the areaSechelt Bay Marine Provincial Park. Camping is free.

Map of Sechelt Bay

You can find an overview map of Sechelt Inlets Provincial Marine Parkon the line. A detailed map of the area can be orderedher.

Sechelt Inlet Kayak rental and guided tour

pedals and oars

Sechelt Kayak Equipment Provider (604-885-6440) is located on the shores of Sechelt Bay, just north of Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. The company offers kayak rentals and guided tours of the Sunshine Coast, and specializes in two-hour family tours.

Crescent sea kayak

Halfmoon Sea Kayaks (604-885-2948), located on the water in Sechelt, offers half-day, full-day and multi-day rentals of single and double fiberglass kayaks. Stand-up paddle board rentals are also available. The company offers guided day trips and comprehensive guided multi-day trips in Sechelt Bay and the entire Sunshine Coast with certified Paddle Canada guides.

Sea to Sky Ocean Trail

Explore the Sea to Sky Ocean Walk from the starting points at Langdale Hopkins Pier (near the BC Ferry Terminal) and Gibson's neighborhoods. Bowen Island could make another launch. All options require a short ferry ride from Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay. Another launch site is Porteau Cove Provincial Park, just 30 minutes north of downtown Vancouver on the Coast-Sky Highway.

No matter how you get there, you'll find unique kayaking opportunities on the Sea to Sky Ocean Trail at the western end of Howe Sound, offering great day trips and overnight trips. Backcountry camping is available at several locations. Be aware of boat and ferry traffic when sailing in the area.

Sea to Sky Ocean Trail Camping

Less than an hour's boat ride from Gibsons, Plumper Cove Marine Province Marine Park on Keats Island has established campsites, toilets and a fresh water pump (no reservations required). For longer trips suitable for advanced kayakers, there are several open water crossings from Gibsons or Porter Inlet Provincial Parks to Gambier Island located in Douglas Bay, Brigade Inlet and Hackett's Inlet - a provincial garden park with designated non-public sites. facilities. Booking website. From Port Mellon use shorter paddles.

If you want to take a day trip kayaking the Sea to Sky Marine Trail, check out Porteau Cove Provincial Park, which has 60 RV campsites near the ocean. to agreeon the line.

Sea to Sky Ocean Trail card

Powered by BC Marine TrailsDigital mapOcean Path from Sea to Sky. Obtain a copy of Canadian Hydrographic Survey Chart #3526 for accurate navigation; order yourson the line.

Sea to Sky Ocean Trail kayak rental and guided tour

Sea kayak on Bowen Island

Bowen Island is very different from the Sea to Sky Marine Trail, but it's only a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay on Vancouver's North Shore, while sea kayaking at Bowen Island Sea Kayaking) (at the Bowen Island Marina, 604-947- 9266) your choice - two outfits. You can rent single and double kayaks and stand up paddle boards (SUPs) from nearby Vancouver Outfitters to explore the waters of Howe Sound, or sign up for a guided tour or lesson. Kayak rentals and overnight stays for children are also available.

Adventure from the sea to the sky

A short drive north of Vancouver, Sea to Sky Adventure Company in Squamish (38551 Loggers Lane, 888-284-2453) is the premier kayak and paddleboard rental shop in the Vancouver area, with a convenient Head to the Sea to Sky Marine trail. SUP, canoe, recreational kayak and sea kayak rentals are available for two hours (walking only), four hours or all day.

Strait of Georgia

Also known as the Salish Sea, the Strait of Georgia separates mainland British Columbia from Vancouver Island. This is fantastic tidal water, best suited to experienced kayakers. But north of the town of Sechelt, there are good boating opportunities in the Strait of Georgia, with launch sites at Half Moon Bay, Secret Cove, and Pender Harbor accessible via Highway 101.

Just a short trip to North Somanby Island and South Somanby Island, great for nature exploration and camping. From there, experienced paddlers can navigate the gentle straits to the wild shores of Texada.

Georgia Strait Camping

Wild camping is available atPirate's Cove Provincial Parkin otoku North Somanby iHinson Provincial ParkIt is located on the island of South Somanby. The camping area has a rustic style, does not offer any services and is free on a first-come, first-served basis. Located on the southwestern part of the island of Texas, on the other side of the Sabine Strait,Jededia Island Marine Provincial ParkThere is a campground (on Home Bay) and hiking trails.

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Map of the Straits of Georgia

When kayaking the Georgia Strait, check out the detailed charts from the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Order Table #3512on the line.

Kayak rental and guided tour in the Georgia Strait

pedals and oars

Pedal and Paddle (604-885-6440) is located on the shores of Sechelt Inlet, just north of Dolphin Cove Provincial Park. Here you can rent single or tandem kayaks for paddling trips on the Strait of Georgia.

Crescent sea kayak

Sechelt's Half Moon Sea Kayaks (604-885-2948) serves the southern Sunshine Coast region and offers single and double kayak rentals, day trips, and all-inclusive guided multi-day trips to popular destinations including Texada, Sabine Strait, and Jedidah.

More top kayak rentals on the Sunshine Coast

Alpha adventure

Located on the southern Sunshine Coast near the Langdale Ferry Terminal, Alpha Adventures of Gibsons (604-885-8838) offers services from Seaward,wilderness systemiinsight. The company also offers tour guides, instruction and retail services.

West Coast Nature Adventures

Natural West Coast Adventures (604-535-7985) offers Sunshine Coast kayak rentals and guided tours in the Garden Cove community in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. They specialize in kayak fishing, targeting species such as cod and salmon in the ocean and trout in freshwater lakes. Courses adapted for kayakers are also available.

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Sunshine Coast Kayaking

Any time is a good time for kayak fishing on the Sunshine Coast, with cod, grouper and flounder in abundance all year round for kayakers fishing in the rocky shoals, as well as a variety of salmon. If the sea is rough or you want a slightly more sheltered inland kayaking experience, most of the Sunshine Coast's freshwater lakes are home to lively trout.

Saginaw and Waugh lakes, in particular, are great early spring kayaking and fishing destinations on the Sunshine Coast.

Explore the misty waters of Desolation Sound. |Foto: Destination BC // Andrew Strain


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