35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (2023)

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35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (2)

Looking for a kitchen color scheme that is captivating and adds a touch of character to the heart of your home?

Kitchen colors can be bold, muted, bright, or a combination thereof. Neutral colors found in nature help create a calm and welcoming space, but that doesn't mean vivid blues, deep plums or fiery reds are taboo. Our guide to kitchen color combinations offers 35 of the most eye-catching, timeless, and modern color palettes we'll see across all kitchen design styles in 2023.

Once you've found a kitchen color scheme that suits your unique tastes, mix and match.Kitchen cabinetsthat match the design of your room.

1. Butter Yellow + Steel Gray + Industrial Metals

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (3)

The combination of yellow and gray gives your kitchen an interesting mix of warm and cool elements. Gray offers subtle elegance, while yellow can add a touch of positivity. Sandy yellow sahara and masala gray in this kitchen strike the perfect balance between restraint and sass. When deciding how to incorporate these colors, consider using yellow on kitchen walls or cabinets and gray on backsplashes, countertops, and appliances. Emphasize the industrial vibe with sleek chrome hardware or stainless steel countertops

2. Stormy Blue + Earth Brown + Naturmaterialien

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (4)

Reminiscent of earth and sky, brown and blue are a classic color scheme in the kitchen. It's also an incredibly versatile combination. By adjusting the vibrancy of any of the colors, you can make your kitchen bright and energetic or calm and relaxing. Bismarck blue and leather brown in this kitchen create a sophisticated, natural aesthetic. These kitchen colors often work well with exposed materials such as wood, concrete, and metals.

3. Black + White + Warm Elements

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (5)

There's nothing more classic than a black andwhite kitchen. If you don't want to worry about going out of style, then this is the right choice for you. Black is the absence of all colors and is sophisticated and powerful. On the contrary, white is the presence of all colors and promotes openness, cleanliness and creative thinking. The combination creates a sophisticated and creative space, as attested by thisLaurel Bern Interiors. To keep the monochrome scheme from looking too stark, add warm elements like the natural wood dining table shown here.

4. Black + White + Red Burst

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (6)

The introduction of red in a combination of black and white offers a completely new aesthetic. Red falls somewhere between the richness of black and the clarity of white, making it a perfect color to pair with these polar opposites. This kitchen creates a vibrant, energetic color palette of scarlet red and dune black that is sure to inspire great home cooking.

5. Lavender + cream + transition elements

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (7)

Purple works well as a deep or pale color when paired with beige, depending on the mood you want to create. Purple is associated with ambition, calm, and elegance, which is why you'll often see it in transitional or traditional kitchen designs. In this kitchen, the Kimberly Purple on the kitchen island along with the lighter purple on the bar stools help create a kitchen space that evokes a chic, sophisticated aesthetic.

6. White and gold hardware

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (8)

All-white kitchens convey a sense of openness and cleanliness. They are refreshing, fresh, and complement almost any aesthetic. If you work in tight spaces, this is perfect.little kitchenPaint the color to make your kitchen look open and bright. To keep an all-white kitchen from looking too sterile, consider this design and get creative with pops of color like red, gold oven handlescabinet handlesand modern pendant lights.

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7. Aqua Blue + White + Carrot Orange Details

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (9)

Blue and orange is a color scheme you see everywhere. Think fire and ice, day and night, or sun and sky. Blue and orange is a perfectly complementary color combination; It's attractive, works well with other colors, and can be made in a variety of different shades. Venice blue and carrot orange in this kitchen create a vibrant and energetic color scheme.

8. Scandinavian gray + white + natural wood

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (10)

If you have a small kitchen but want a little more color than the all-white kitchen scheme, gray and white are a great combination. gray is excellentColor for kitchen furniture.because it grounds many other elements of your kitchen, including natural materials like stone countertops and exposed wood. We love the dark ebony cabinets paired with the lighter Oslo Gray stone countertops in this kitchen.Jones Design Company.

9. Cherry + Olive Green + Neutral Backsplash

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (11)

cherry cabinetsand olive green are the perfect combination for a relaxing and calm space. Red and green are complementary colors, but choosing cherry browns and olive greens will make your kitchen feel less like Christmas and more like an upscale cafe. These bolder colors work well if you have a large, open kitchen, but look for lighter shades if you have a more compact kitchen.

10. Pastel Pink + White + Rustic Decor

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (12)

While pink may not be the number one choice for a kitchen color, this feminine hue is making a comeback in 2023. Pink represents care, compassion, and love. The combination of pink and white creates a bright and fun space, perfect for relaxing after a long day or entertaining friends and family. If you want to try this color scheme but aren't sure about using too much pink, take this kitchen as an example and add doses of pink utensils, mugs, tablecloths and other small decorations. We love the combination of light pink tones with copper wood in this kitchen.

11. Accessories in black + taupe + gold tone

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (13)

A mix of black and gold will make your kitchen look instantly elegant and luxurious. This kitchen executes that color scheme to perfection, using gold driftwood as a complementary accent to the shark black of the vintage stove and the gray and beige tones of the patterned backsplash.

12. Teak Brown + White + Geometric Tiles

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (14)

A light natural wood surrounded by bright white elements makes the material a beauty.Mid-century modern kitchen.. Combine it with sleek design touches like china cabinets, minimal hardware, and white countertops, and you've got a stylish mix of modern and natural elements. White porcelain geometric backsplash combined with brownish brown cabinets blend perfectly in this kitchen. We also love the colorful hallway to add some vibrancy.

13. Cool green + beige + stainless steel

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (15)

If you have stainless steel appliances, pairing them with cool shades of green, like the kangaroo green above, might be a good option for you. Lightgreen cabinetsand the stainless steel appliances are an elegant and sophisticated combination that will keep your kitchen bright and vibrant. Add a pop of beige to your walls and counters to make your kitchen warm and inviting.

14. Glow Powder Blue + White + Gold

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (16)

Dove blue base cabinets and white upper cabinets are populartwo tone pencil caseColor combination that can help cement your kitchen while keeping it light and bright. Add touches of gold to add a touch of luxury to this fun and eye-catching color combination.

15. Forest Green + White + Earthy Elements

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (17)


Deep forest green combined with natural wood elements and crisp white is a great color scheme for an earthy, ethereal aesthetic. Green evokes health and vitality, while white gives your kitchen a bright and clean look, making it an ideal place to relax with a hot cup of tea while looking out over your garden at home. If you have a small kitchen and want to add a vein of green without overwhelming your space, try giving your island a splash of dark green, like this kitchen did with the rich light green hue.

16. Light gray + Scandinavian gray + modern chrome

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (18)

Different shades of gray help create depth and contrast in amodern kitchen. This color is not only stunning, but also incredibly versatile. There are thousands of shades of gray with shades ranging from purple, blue, green and beige. Choose two or three shades of similar tones to match this kitchen color scheme with your unique design.

17. Encimeras em Jet Black + Olive Green + Marble

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (19)

Olive green and black is another earthy kitchen color idea that is reminiscent of earth and sky. This combination encourages relaxation and creativity with an understated elegance that complements any kitchen design. We love how the combination of light lemongrass and dark charade black gives this kitchen a warm and sophisticated look.

18. Blue Shell + Rust Red + Copper Connections

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (20)

This light navy blue island with gold accents and a darker navy blue barn pair perfectly with the copper rust colored tile floor. This London kitchen combines earthy, modern tones in a charming, eclectic style. The pink cabinet handles and sconces offer just the right amount of sparkle to grab your attention without being overpowering.

19. Blue + Mustard Yellow + Oak Steel Cabinets

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (21)

Both blue and yellow can be strong or soft, so this combination offers many possibilities in terms of mood. Opt for a bright heather blue in this kitchen and bold bright yellow pieces for a light and energetic look, or try bolder blues and yellows for a more grounded rustic look. panels,oak cabinets, and built-in farmhouse sink are three highlights of this kitchen's farmhouse-style design.

20. Rich Plum + White + Lux Gold-Griffe

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (22)

Purple has never been the most popular color for home design, which is exactly why it will help your kitchen stand out in 2023. Rich plum and eggplant tones exude elegance and luxury, especially when paired with marble and elegant hardware. Incorporate this bold color into a neutral color scheme to really pop it.

21. Pink blush + emerald green + vintage pieces

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (23)

If you're looking to channel atmospheric historical drama with your kitchen color choices, soft pinks and emerald greens have you covered. We love the rich green Stromboli tiles and the blue juniper barn against the pink wall. These colors create an eclectic and memorable combination, especially when paired with vintage pieces like this ornate chandelier and rustic wood burning stove.

22. Creamy Yellow + Ice Blue + Pastel Pink

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (24)

There's nothing lighter or more fun than this kitchen. Sparkling ice blue harmonizes beautifully with cosmos pink and honey Cape yellow. We love the different colors of the adjacent cabinets and the striking angled stripes on the wall. Those bright kitchen wall colors might not suit everyone, but you can't deny that it would be hard to feel anything other than euphoria in this space.

23. Black + white + sleeve cabinets

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (25)

Orange and black is another kitchen color idea that relies on a bright color to draw attention. Those mango-orange cabinets paired with the smoky black of the wood on the dining room table and floors create a warm, modern vibe. Orange represents enthusiasm and activity, which is why it is used in so many sports teams. Combine it with black and you have a beautiful balance of activity and sophistication, creating a kitchen that is sure to conjure up strong energetic vibes.

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24. White + Dark Brown + Iron Details

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (26)

Hecountry style kitchenit has a beautiful white island overlay that provides a stark contrast to the dark wood floors and bar stools. We also love the matte black iron pendants over the island. Overall, the dark accents combined with the all-white scheme create a rustic hue that fits well with any modern farmhouse design.

25. Jet Black + Gray + Modern Gadgets

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (27)

If you want something modern, bold and sophisticated, then an all black kitchen is for you. The gray tones of the stainless steel range hood, oven, bar stools and microwave combine beautifully with the rich, wood-smoked black of the cabinets and island in this sophisticated modern kitchen.

26. Rot + Grade + Elegant Hardware

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (28)

Red is the color of power, passion, fire and sunset, you won't find another color that transmits more energy or heat. The bright red hues are reminiscent of retro restaurants and turn heads in modern design when paired with sleek gray countertops, backsplashes and modern appliances.

27. Declaration of black + white + turquoise

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (29)

Add a touch of Moroccan style to your kitchen's color scheme with vibrant turquoise cabinetry in a neutral kitchen palette. This striking teal pairs perfectly with chic vintage touches and bold designs, like the star chandelier and black and white backsplash seen here.

28. Mint Green + Peach + Light Wood Details

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (30)

If you're looking for a modern country kitchen design, play around with a really unique color combination like mint green and peach or salmon. These warm pastel tones add a vintage feel to a newly remodeled kitchen and look very stylish when paired with modern hardware and stone countertops.

29. Rust + Black + Silver Cabinets

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (31)

Be inspired by terracotta ceramics with red-orange earth tones for your kitchen cupboards or walls. This color has shaped nearly every decor style, from modern and rustic to bohemian and organic. The hues go well with most neutral colors, but we love the drama that black brings to this modern kitchen design. If you want to bring your space down to earth, this combination can have a grounding and calming effect on an interior.

30. Gray + White + Warm Wood

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (32)

Combining shades of beige and gray, gray is the latest neutral to make an impact on the interior design scene. Gray is just as comfortable as any other neutral color, but it has a calmer, slightly darker vibe. Stand out against a white backsplash and walls, with natural accents like light wood andkitchen plantsto keep your design warm and earthy. If you're looking for a cozy kitchen color that still looks fresh and new, go for gray.

31. Cold blue + gray + natural light

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (33)

Create a calm, fresh look with gray and blue kitchen paint. In this kitchen, the designer chose bicolor cabinets in dark gray and deep blue, keeping the countertops and wall decor light for contrast. These deep colors keep the kitchen from looking washed out, especially when natural light streams in through the large window.

32. Salmon + Gray + Clean Lines

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (34)


Salmon may be reminiscent of 1980s bathroom tiles, but when paired with cool neutrals like slate gray, it provides the perfect eclectic vibe for a contemporary kitchen. This retro color gets a modern facelift with sleek cabinets and minimalist stainless steel hardware.

33. Earth Green + Gray + Dark Wood

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (35)

Gray and green with brown undertones is another classic earth-inspired combination with bold modern kitchen design. Whether you're designing a Tuscan-style space or a modern dining oasis, olive green and gray can instill a calming feeling your family and guests will want to snuggle into.

34. Gray + brown + white countertops

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (36)

Looking for a neutral color palette that isn't so plain? Mixing deep grays and cozy browns could be just the right choice for your kitchen. In general, brown is considered a warmer color, while gray tends to be cool, which is one of the reasons they look amazing together. Gray provides a nice visual respite in a room dominated by brown furniture or walls, while brown can bring warmth back to a predominantly gray room.

35. Pink + White + Butcher Block

35 kitchen color combinations for 2023 (37)

Soft pink is quickly becoming a favorite in high-end kitchen designs, both for its ability to exude positivity and personality and for complementing trendy luxury kitchen items like marble and gold. However, the right shade of pink can make even the simplest kitchen designs look like something out of a catalogue. Pink takes center stage in this kitchen against the clean white cabinets and natural wood countertops.

kitchen colorSchema FAQ

Still not sure which kitchen colors will look best in your home? We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about kitchen color schemes to help you decide.

What is the most popular color for a kitchen?

Neutral colors like white, beige, gray and cream remain the most popular kitchen colors, but other bold colors like navy blue, forest green, clay red, orange and plum are set to trend in 2023.

What are the new kitchen colors for 2023?

Earth tones like sand, forest green and deep blues are some of the latest fashion colors for 2023. With more and more people working from home, choosing colors that help create a calming atmosphere has been and continues to be a top priority for many homeowners. . .

Which kitchen color scheme is best for small kitchens?

Muted or neutral tones like white, gray or sage work best in small kitchens because they reflect most of the light, making your compact space feel more open and bright. However, monochrome color schemes like all-black or all-grey kitchens help reduce visual clutter in small spaces, while high-contrast combinations likeNavy blueand white can add much-needed definition to a small, open-concept kitchen.

What paint colors go best with dark cabinets?

Create contrast with dark cabinets by pairing them with light colors like white, beige, or even pastels. Add even more flair by incorporating a patterned backsplash and tonal accents.

Whether you're drawn to crisp, clean, all-white kitchens, dramatic plum accents, or fiery red tiles, choosing the best kitchen color scheme for your space comes down to your personal style. While these color combinations are set to dominate kitchen design in 2023, don't be afraid to experiment with different hues, patterns, and textures to create a space you'll want to spend time in.

For more kitchen design inspiration, visit our kitchen ideas hub for experts in everything from cabinet door styles tokitchen island ideas.

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