17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (2023)

These Sunshine Coast walks take place in the village of Kabi Kabi and Jinibara. I thank the traditional guardians of the region and their ties to the nation and salute their elders, past and present.

We've lived on the Sunshine Coast for almost a decade and I'm still not a beach bum. The mountains, or at least the forests, are still where my heart is.

Although I find myself in it"big" walkElsewhere, the Sunshine Coast has plenty of brisk walks that are lovely, if not wonderful little gems.

Here are some of my favorite short walks on the Sunshine Coast.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (1)


From the beach to the rainforest

The Sunny Coast is an area of ​​significant ecological diversity. From sandy beaches, dunes and coastal scrub, rainforest, swamps, dry eucalyptus forests to rolling hills and volcanic outcrops. Everything except mountains and deserts.

Here you will find short walks as varied as the scenery.

Here is a range of short and easy walks along the Sunshine Coast, andCanI thinkWithin 5 kilometers on foot, making most trips suitable for families. There are some thereLonger bush walks on the Sunny CoastIf you want to run more than 5K, that's fine too.

I divide the trip into:

  • north bank of the sun
  • Central Sunshine Coast
  • sunny coast hinterland

Staza Northern Sunshine Coast (Coollum do Noosa)

The northern end of the Sunshine Coast has beautiful promenades along the beaches and bays, as well as vantage points from which you can admire the coastline.

1. Noosa Coastal Walk (to Dolphin Point) | Noosa National Park

Basic information about the route

distance:2.4 km return (to Dolphin Point)
Start of the trail:Parking in a day use zone near Noosa Parkway

The coastal walk is probably the most popular walk on the Sunny Coast, and rightly so, it is a beautiful part of the coast.

Stunning coves, sandy beaches, turquoise seas, views of the Noosa hinterland and the chance to see dolphins and even whales during migration season.

For a longer walk, continue to Hell's Gate (1.7 miles each way from the picnic area) from where you can enjoy views in both directions and take a dip in the choppy waters of Hell's Gate.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (2)

It would be ideal to leave within a week. Weekends can get very crowded, especially around Tea Tree Bay and Winch Bay.

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2. Mount Emu | Noosa National Park

Basic information about the route

distance:1.1 km round trip
Start of the trail:The car park is along East Havana Road, Coolum Beach

Apart from the Noosa Heads section, Noosa National Park has three other sections, one of which is the Mount Emu section.

However, Mount Emu is right next to Mount Coolum, just outside Coolum Beach. Not around Noosa.

It's not very high, but you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the coast, especially Mount Coolum. Plus, it's usually pretty quiet here, so you're unlikely to have to fight the crowds.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (3)

You can return via another trail that turns this trail into a slightly longer loop that connects to the Harker Trail. You'll eventually reach another park entrance, but just walk along Havana Road East to return to your starting point.

It's not a big area and you don't want to get lost.

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3. Cooling of the mountains | Mount Coolum National Park

Basic information about the route

distance:1.6 km round trip
Start of the trail:Coolum Beach Tanah East Street Car Park

Don't expect to get here alone, Mt Coolum's many steps are very popular with sports enthusiasts and families.

Even if you climb slowly and take a few breaks, it probably won't take you more than 30 to 40 minutes to reach the top. The view from the top is magnificent, especially now that several viewpoints are divided.

Winter is the best because there won't be much moisture in the air. Sometimes you can almost see Caloundra in the distance.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (4)

The parking lot on Tanah Street East is small, but you can park along the road if you can't find a space in the parking lot itself.

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4. Nindrishan

Basic information about the route

distance:3,3 km bane
Start of the trail:Ninderry Road Car Park, Ninderry

Compared to Mount Coolum or the Noosa Coastal Walk, the walk to Mount Ninderry Lookout is beautifully unknown. Here you will find more locals taking their dogs for a walk as Nindrishan is not in a national park and pets are allowed.

Although slightly uphill, there's nothing quite like Mt Coolum for any fitness level.

There is an official lookout point towards Mount Coolum and the coast. Returning the way you came, follow the track to the other side of Nindley Hill for views of the hinterland. Here you can see a beautiful sunset.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (5)

Note that the car park is very small, only 2-3 cars in fact, so you may have to squeeze along the road.

Staza Central Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore, Mooloolaba og Caloundra)

The suburbs around Mooloolaba and up to Caloundra are well developed. As well as some coastal walks, there are also some fantastic gems in small patches of rainforest or dry eucalyptus forest.

5. Circuit de Bologna | Mooloola River National Park

Basic information about the route

distance:4.8 km round trip
Start of the trail:Parking is on Claymore Road, at the end of Sippy Downs or along Kawana Way (where you will see signs for "Mooloolah River NP")

This is one of my favorite walks on the Sunshine Coast, mainly because you don't meet many people and there is beautiful bush and heathland. Especially beautiful in spring.

Avoid in summer or when it rains heavily as some trails can become very muddy. It's also very exposed, which is another reason to avoid this trail in the summer unless you're going early or late in the afternoon.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (6)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (7)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (8)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (9)

We usually turn the Boronia trail into a loop via the Aemula and Littoralis trails, with a final length of about 7 km.

The only downside to this walk is that you can hear highway noise in some parts, which makes it a bit quieter than I would have liked.

6. Sunshine Coast Coastal Walk | Cottonwood to Mooloolaba

Basic information about the route

distance:4.4 kilometers in one direction
Start of the trail:Mooloolaba or anywhere along Alexandra Avenue (with ample parking)

The coastal path runs from Tewantin in the north to Pelican Waters in the south (some parts are not easy to connect). One of the most popular trails is from Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba, especially along Alexandra Headland.

You can start almost anywhere you want and go as far as you want.

I really enjoyed the walk from Cotton Tree to Alex and then up the hill to Mooloolaba as it required more exercise and came back with great views of the coast.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (10)

It's about 5km from Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba, but as I said, you can start wherever you like and do short or long walks depending on your needs. For example, you can walk from Alex to Mooloolaba and return via the beach/pool if the tide is low. That's a pretty good walk!

7. Buderin Skovbane

Basic information about the route

distance:2 km race
Start of the trail:The car park is at the end of Quorn Close in Buderim; alternatively park on Harry's Lane in Buderim

The Buderin Forest Track to Tranquility Falls is a beautiful little rainforest in the middle of the suburbs of Buderin. It may seem hidden, but it is well known and popular, especially in summer for a quick swim in the rock pools.

You can start your walk from any side. I really like the promenade at the end of Harley Lane, but only because I'm a promenade fan.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (11)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (12)

I love winter here, but only because there are a lot less mosquitoes and it's not too humid. On the other hand, the waterfall will not be as violent as after a late summer storm.

8. Buderim Palm Grove Heritage Tram

Basic information about the route

distance:4 km return
Start of the trail:Telco Road car park near Mons Road, Buderim

It is just a few minutes' walk along the former Buderim Palm Grove tram line which follows the historic railway link between Buderim and Palm Grove. But on a sunny day it is a good choice because it is very shady.

Not much to see, not much scenery, but you can find some remnants of old railroad tracks and parts where they must have cut a road in the rock.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (13)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (14)

The trail is slightly downhill, and even if you don't notice the downhill, you will come back. There are explanatory panels along the way, but you can also read about themThe story of the Buderim-Palm Grove tramYou are here.

9. Naturvandring | Booked Cartwright / La Balsa park

Basic information about the route

distance:1-2 km dispute
Start of the trail:Parking lot at the end of Pacific Avenue, Cartwright Point

La Balsa Park (port side) and Cartwright Reserve at the top of Point Cartwright is a beautiful but busy walk.

There are hiking trails around the park, all the way to the lighthouse and mural reservoir at the top. Here you can be lucky enough to see whales during the migration season.

From the lighthouse you can walk along the beach to the entrance to the Spit.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (15)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (16)

It's a popular spot for families, dog walkers and sunset watchers. I love the view as you can see Mooloolaba and along the coast all the way to Mt Coolum and beyond.

Fun fact:The park was named after a raft expedition ("La Balsa") that arrived from Ecuador in the 1970s!

10. Coastal walk of the Sunny Coast | Caloundra

Basic information about the route

distance:1-3 km circular tour
difficulty:Light-medium (depending on where you go)
Start of the trail:Park by any beach or trail car park around Caloundra (eg Moffat Beach, Shelly Beach, Bullcock Beach)

As mentioned, you can walk almost the entire length of the Sunshine Coast and the Coastal Walk has many sections.

If you're on the southern part of the Sunshine Coast, the stretches around Caloundra are great for family walks and panoramas.

The whole of Caloundra is actually 9km long, but it's an easy walk from Bulcock Beach to Moffat Head. As with the Mooloolaba to Cotton Tree route, you can go as long as you like.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (17)

On the way back you will be able to see some of the Glass House Mountains in the distance as you round Wickham Point (Caloundra Point) and head towards Happy Valley.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Track

Almost all walks in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, whether short or long, are rainforest walks. Mosquitoes can be a pest (as are leeches), but you'll also be spoiled by the beautiful rainforest, short-haired palm trees, waterfalls and valley views.

11. WOMPO Raceway | Mapleton Falls National Park

Basic information about the route

distance:1,3 km bane
Start of the trail:Parking u blizini Mapleton Falls Road

The Wompoo Circuit is one of my favorite super fast rainforest hikes. The rainforest here is full of giant fig palms, interspersed with some fine specimens of giant choked figs.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (18)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (19)

Summer can be hot and humid, but the walk is still pleasant as it is relatively covered, apart from a few short stretches through dry eucalyptus forest.

We usually combine this walk with a 50m detour to the Mapleton Falls lookout, although you can't actually see the falls (and there is very little water in the winter). Regardless, the view of the Obi Obi Valley from the viewpoint is quite pleasant.

12. Condalilla Falls Raceway | Nacionalni park Condalilla

Basic information about the route

distance:4,7 km bane
Start of the trail:Pass the picnic area; car park at the end of Condalilla Falls Road (Flaxton)

Although not as popular as Noosa National Park, finding a parking space in Kondalella can be a challenge. Come early in the morning if you want to avoid the crowds.

The hike begins at a nicely decorated picnic area with barbecue equipment. From there it's a relatively short walk to the swimming hole, which is also part of the longer Kondarila Falls loop.

I've never actually caved for a swim, but many people do, so bring a bathing suit if you're coming in the summer.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (20)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (21)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (22)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (23)

The Kondalila Falls Loop Walk takes you to the base of the falls and past several viewpoints. Note that there are about 300 stairs in the loop (and some up to the cave), so you need a certain level of health to a) go down all those stairs and b) get back up.

It is located in rainforest country so the tour is quite shady, which is a good option for warmer weather as you won't be exposed to the sun all the time. Although it can be humid with lots of mosquitos buzzing around!

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13. Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve Walk

Basic information about the route

distance:1,7 km bane
Start of the trail:Daily use of the car park along Maleny Mountain View Road
Open:7.00-18.00 every day

The rainforest around Mary Cairncross is beautiful. This is truly a beautiful example of a healthy coastal rainforest.

This is a relatively flat trail and we almost always take friends and tourists here. My favorite part is the walkway through the picabina palms, they are tall and skinny and beautiful.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (24)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (25)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (26)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (27)

There's also an interactive interpretive center (great for kids) and a cafe with delicious food, including gluten-free options. It's usually busy here and unsurprisingly there's a park with barbecue facilities, a playground and a great view of the Glass House Mountains.

Please note that this trail is only open daily from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

14. Barons Lookout | Condalilla National Park

Basic information about the route

distance:4.4 km round trip
Start of the trail:Parkiralište Narrows Road, North Maleny

I've only walked like this once and it was late so the light dimmed quickly. But it's really nice to go to a few viewpoints.

The first viewing platform is at Narrows Gorge (2.2 kilometers round trip, if you don't have enough time or energy, you can only do this one). From another vantage point, you can see the Barong Pocket Dam in the distance and get a view of the Obi Obi Canyon.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (28)

This trail actually connects to the Kondalilla Falls Loop and is part of the Sunshine Coast Trail. So if you want a longer hike, you can continue. From Baroon Pocket Dam to Kondalilla Falls, approximately 10 kilometers each way.

15. Walking on a fig tree | Ginger State Forest

Basic information about the route

distance:1,1 km bane
Start of the trail:Car park off Maleny Kenilworth Road, Kenilworth

If you're willing to venture further inland, you can take a quick detour through beautiful rainforest just 6 kilometers outside of Kenilworth in the wilderness.

It doesn't take long to reach the Fig Tree Walk, where you can admire fig trees and strangled figs. Some chokes are so big that you can practically hide in their support legs.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (29)
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (30)

Just be careful not to touch the leaves here like somenettleThis can cause a severe rash and itchy skin (but nothing worse than that).

16. Tibrogagan Raceway | Nacionalni park Glass House Mountains

Basic information about the route

distance:4,1 km bane
Start of the trail:The parking lot is located off Marsh Road in the Glass House Mountains

There are several trails in the Glass House Mountains, some more interesting than others. Most of them involve climbing to the top, and every year some unprepared hikers get stranded and need to be rescued.

For a relatively flat and easy hike, try the Tibrogargan Circuit, which, as the name suggests, winds around the base of Mount Tibrogargan. The trail is partially shaded and passes through dry forest, so it shouldn't be as exposed as a walk on the beach, nor as wet as a walk in the rainforest.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (31)

You can also see Mount Tibrogargan and some other glass house mountains from the mountain viewpoint. Along the way, you will occasionally enjoy the view of the surrounding farmland and pine plantations.

If you want a slightly longer walk, you can easily combine the Tibrogargan Circuit with the Trachyte Circuit, both of which start at the same place.

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17. Tunnelbane | National park Duracha

Basic information about the route

distance:1.8 km return (to the tunnel)
Start of the trail:Car park at the end of Mooloolah Paget Street (north entrance); Beech Road Park, Landsborough (South Entrance)

The Tunnel is another historic Sunshine Coast walk, but less popular. As long as there are not too many motorbikes driving around the nearby National Forest, you can enjoy the peace here.

The tunnel was once part of the Brisbane-Gympie railway link which opened in 1891. Now only the tunnels remain on the line.

It's only 900m from the car park at the end of Mooloolah (north entrance) to the train tunnel itself, so you can walk to the tunnel, have fun walking through it and do a U-turn. The entire journey from the North Entrance to the South Entrance is 3 kilometers one way, but it is quite flat and will not be very strenuous.

17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (32)

this time it's onecommon road, we generally see more mountain bikers here than hikers.

put together

This is just my list of favoritesShort walks on the Sunny BeachSo this is obviously not exhaustive.

I also really enjoyed some coastal walks around Coolum (promenade to Point Perry) and Gold Beach (there is a mangrove boardwalk). I could have added the Linda Garrett Track near Mapleton which is a good enough walk, but there are other more fantastic rainforest walks in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

But let me know in the comments below if you think I forgot a quick trip. I'd be more than happy to check it out.

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Besides reading, walking and hiking are some of my favorite activities. I have some suggestionsHalf-day walking tour of the Sunny Beach, and a more detailed postCoastal walk in NoosaiPlanina Coolum-topvandring.

For a leisurely stroll,Maroochydore Bush Botanic GardensA very nice, quiet place for a picnic or barbecue.

You can easily combine some of these walks withscenic drive, maybe viaGlasshouse MountainorPlanine BlackallLocated in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. you can also drive a lotLookouts on the Sunshine Coast.

For something completely different,Visit the Buderim ginger factory. I really enjoyed this trip!

Knock me down!
17 short walks on the Sunny Coast (33)

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