17 of the best summer camps on the Sunshine Coast (2023)

Some people may actually complain about camping, we tell them, stop complaining, let those who really enjoy falling asleep to the sound of crickets wake up at the first crack of dawn at 5.30, walk strategically through the tent without pulling the Person opening the little zip hole. Use a mosquito net at night, read on.

The Sunshine Coast may be rich in natural beauty, but camping takes getting back to nature to a whole new level. Not all campsites are the same, which is why we've put together our own guide to the 17 best campsites on the Sunshine Coast for 2023. Now all you have to do is gather the crew and pack the car.

Nine Mile Cobb & Co. Store


One of the Sunshine Coast's best family camping spotscobb co.Set in 50 acres of lush grounds close to Woondum National Park and Six Mile Creek. There is plenty to keep the kids entertained including swimming in the billabongs, playing on the giant pirate ship fort, flying fox, petting zoo, BMX track and horse riding.

To make life even easier, there are glamping options, several well-equipped camp kitchens and a kiosk when you run out of supplies (just bring your own drinking water). And while you can still get out into nature and visit some beautiful hiking trails and rock pools, there's plenty on site to keep the kids busy.

Kamp Bluff Creek


Head a little further inland to Kenilworth and you'll be blown away by the beautyKamp Bluff Creek. Created by passionate campers, this 100-acre camping paradise is built right on the water with direct access to the Mary River.

A few nights here will be a dream for those who like a lot of space, a beautiful view and good amenities. They already gave us hot showers and flush toilets, but the fact that they are close to the river for swimming and bike paths, allow fires and are close to local restaurants (when we get sick of burnt sausages); ideal place for camping. weekend = sorting.

noosa habitat

Noosa National Park17 of the best summer camps on the Sunshine Coast (1)

noosa habitatIt is an eco camp located in beautiful Elanda Point, 25 minutes drive north of Noosa. Set in 65 hectares of bush, you can choose to camp in unpowered or powered campsites, book a cute cabin or go all the way and sleep in a glamping tent with a bathroom.

There's also an on-site bar serving Habit Noosa's own craft beer, meaning you'll have plenty of options for an afternoon drink. If rough living is not your thing, this is one of the best campsites on the Sunshine Coast.

jump point

Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area

If you're looking for a simple beach campsite on the Sunshine Coast, drive a little north until you find yourself in theBoat. This camp does not require 4 wheel drive so unlike Teewah no one is left out because of the car they are driving. we love! There are many beachside campsites to choose from at this location, making it popular, so be sure to book in advance.

Tiwa Strand

Cooloul Recreation Area

If you own or can have a 4WD on weekends, beach cruising can be a reality for you. also meansTeewahIt could be your beach. Not sure about your situation because you haven't camped there yet? Let us paint the picture for you.

You wake up in the morning, you actually slept on the beach the night before, and then you sleepily walk along the sand until you reach the water's edge. When the sun rises and you dive into the sea, you realize how lucky you are to have a camp like this on your doorstep. When night falls, you'll sit around a makeshift campfire with wood you brought from home and enjoy beer and wine under the stars. put your hands downOne of the best campsites on the Sunny Coast.

log dump

tuan nationalskov17 of the best summer camps on the Sunshine Coast (2)

Although the name does not sound very attractive,log dumpProbably the most remote campsite on the Sunshine Coast, it also has toilets. Located on the edge of Kauri Creek, near the Great Sand Channel, this small campsite is accessible by regular vehicle (depending on conditions) and is only a 10-15 minute boat ride from Fraser Island.

You have to bring your own water and you won't be able to shower for a few days, but it's definitely worth it since you'll be kayaking the creek and have the chance to see turtles, dugongs and dolphins.

dickie pramen


ok, it's not like thatdickie pramenThe camp is in the wilderness. Honestly, it's in the heart of the bustling suburb of Caloundra, opposite the local shops. But that doesn't mean it's not special. If you're a traveler or new to camping, this Sunshine Coast campsite could be the perfect base for you.

Bolling Point Campgrounds

large sandy national park

On the edge of Lake Cootharaba, with water views and shady trees, you can't go wrongBolling Point Campgrounds. Easy driving distance, easy commute, all amenities including hot showers, flush toilets and potable water, gas grill and wood grill (bring your own wood). There's also a great little cafe nearby for morning coffee (featuring our favorite Doonan roaster, Flying West Coffee) and a kiosk for kayak or SUP hire.

Pramen mooloolaba

mooloolaba17 of the best summer camps on the Sunshine Coast (3)

Kao Dickie Beach,Mooloolaba Beach Holiday ParkCentrally located, this is a great option for those new to camping and not quite ready to survive without electricity, a supermarket or a hearty dinner.

You don't have to plan your weekend menu until you pack for this trip, with several of Mooloolaba's best restaurants just a short walk away. Our choice? While you sleep on the ground, indulge in luxury at the Spice Bar or head to The Wharf, where you'll find Rice Boi, The Dock and more.

upper Noosa River

Cooloul Recreation Area

These remote placesIt takes a bit of work to get to, but that's what makes it one of the best campsites on the Sunshine Coast. It also means you get rid of all the not-so-serious campers who don't want to sweat and camp.

There are a number of ways to get to these campsites, but our tried and true option is to hire a kayak or canoe from Eland Point (suitable for your tent, esky and whatever else you need) and paddle across Lake Cootharaba and follow the river up into the EvergladesKamp 3Nice pier. At about 17 miles each way, the lake can be difficult to navigate if it's windy, but you won't mind once you experience the beauty of this unspoiled piece of paradise. The further upstream you go, the more isolated and stunning your campsite will be.

Riverside Resort


For those new to camping who can't live without an iPhone charger, a hot shower or a convenient ice cream shop, and all the kid-friendly outdoor activities like: water slides, pools, kangaroo pools, and mini golf, we recommend setting up your GPS isRiverside ResortLocated on the banks of the Maroochydore River.

There are powered and unpowered sites to choose from, or if you really just want to experiment with the camping scene, book a luxury safari tent, complete with king-size bed, en-suite bathroom and Wi-Fi, with everything you need. So pack a fishing rod, a deck of cards and a few bottles of wine; this camping is like imagining yourself as a retiree and you will love it.

damn it

sunny coast hinterland

Get away from the coast and retreat into the forest, where waterfalls, streams, rock pools and cascades are your cooling option.damn itIn Conondale National Park, one to three campsites have grassy areas perfect for pitching a tent. There aren't many amenities when camping in the woods, so don't forget to bring drinking water, trash bags, and plenty of insect repellent.

express otok17 of the best summer camps on the Sunshine Coast (4)

If island camping is what you have in mind for the ultimate outdoor vacation, hop on a barge and head toexpress otokThere's an amazing selection of campsites to choose from - if you want the details, we're talking 28 of them.

Depending on how you want to spend your vacation time, some locations are more suitable for boaters (Garry's Anchorage, Ungowa and Waddy Point beach camping areas), those looking for a remote experience (Congal Creek or Moon Point), and those with children and Requires overnight in the dingo enclosure (Dundubara and Hovedbanegården). Be sure to order and get your license before you go.

Borumba Deer Park

yaba oh

Another great family camping park for children (or less prepared campers) isBorumba Deer Park. Located on the beautiful Yabba Creek, there are a variety of outdoor activities for all ages, along with convenient boat and kayak rentals, great fishing spots and even mini golf.

The facilities are fantastic, including a kiosk, camp kitchen, fireplace, children's playground and the usual (but much needed) recreation area. If you are lucky, you will also be able to feed the wild deer; Mary Valley and Borumba Dam are just steps away. Sounds like the perfect family campsite on the Sunshine Coast.

Noosa North Shore Beach Campsites

Noosa North Shore

If waking up on the beach is more your style, you won't find a nicer placeKampovi Noosa North Shore. Powered and unpowered sites, all located among the natural vegetation of the waterfront.

You have to bring your own drinking water, but there is a small roadside kiosk when you run out of ice, and there is also a recreation area. But the key here is that you can wake up to the sound of crashing waves and go for a swim instead of your usual morning shower. If you're looking for the best beach camping on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than pure and utter bliss.

Cupid yes

sunny coast hinterland

Located in the middle of a tall rainforest and next to a stream,Kamp Amore CreekIt is the epitome of calmness. There are countless hiking trails in the area, and the creek is perfect for platypus viewing. Facilities include water (non-potable), toilets, cold showers, barbecue and fire pit. This is the perfect Sunshine Coast campsite for those looking to get away and live a few days without amenities. He won't pee in the bushes.

Hipcamp (AirBnBOf Camping)

You know when you hear something and think "why didn't we think of this?" This is one of them. Some legends have realized that if you can offer brick and mortar homes on Airbnb, you can also do it with private land. Brilliant, really. see,Marine Corps Camp.

Giving you access to the Sunshine Coast campsites of your Insta dreams, choose between basic and luxury campsites. We're talking about everything from glamping to "how peaceful" deals. Whether it's free camping to get you out of your chains, an interactive farm stay or a creekside oasis without a tent in sight, consider planning your next camping trip on the Sunshine Coast.

Do you like glamping? We foundThe best campsites on the Sunny Beach.

Kredit: Queensland Tourism and Events Centre, Amy Higg, Jonathan Forage i Melissa Walker Horn


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