10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (2023)

There are several options you can consider when trying to cover your pool and maintain its temperature. This is where one of the best solar pool covers (also known as solar pool covers) can come in handy.

If you are not sure about this type of pool cover or are looking for recommendations, read the article below to find the best solar cover for in-ground pools.

Our testing methodology and process for finding the best solar pool cover

To discover the best solar covers for in-ground pools, we tested over 20 different covers over a 60-day period in our outdoor pool test field. We test and evaluate online the ease of installation and use, the durability of the cover, the average pool temperature and the average price of the solar pool cover. We managed to narrow the size of our sample test from 20 covers to our top 10.

After narrowing our list down to the top 10, our team individually reviewed them and ranked them from best to worst based on durability, impact on water temperature, pool protection, value for money and ease of use. for general use.

Our top 10 products consist of solar pool covers that are good at maintaining the pool temperature, keeping out dirt and other items that can make the pool dirty, and generally easy to use. We took these and other features into account when creating our top 10 list.

TLDR? We've got you covered - our top pick for the best sun cover for most pools is this one.Sun2Solar blue rectangular roof.

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What are your main advantages?

In addition to heating your pool, these solar covers offer some money-saving benefits. Let's break them down below.

Maintain water temperature and retain heat.

The main purpose of a solar pool cover is to keep the pool water at a certain warmer temperature. It does this by transferring heat from the sun. The extent to which the temperature is maintained or increased depends on several factors such as B. roof design and solar radiation.

Save on energy and water costs by reducing evaporation

A solar cover uses nothing more than the sun's natural energy to keep your pool at a warm temperature. Even if you already have an additional heating element, like a pool heater, a solar cover can help keep you warm.

In return, you can save on heating costs. You can save even more if you have enough sunlight that you don't even need another heating element. Another thing you can save with a good quality solar cover is water. Covering can help reduce natural evaporation. In turn, you don't need to replace the water as often.

Protects the pool from dirt and insects.

If you don't cover your pool, you risk exposing it to a range of elements. Leaves, dirt and even insects can fall into the water. This could damage your filter. Also, because a solar cover maintains a constant temperature, it can reduce the likelihood of mold growing in your pool due to uneven temperatures.

Solar pool cover Reviews from our team

Check out our team's review countdown for the in-ground pool solar covers we tested below. While we've installed and tested a total of 20 different skins, we've narrowed our sample size down to the top 10 we review below. Enjoy!

10. Robelle 1836RS-8 High Performance Solar Roof Box

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To start our review of finding the best solar cover for in-ground pools, let's take a look at the Robelle 1836RS-8 Heavy Duty Solar Cover. This cover is only available in blue and is made from 8 mil polymer. For some people, dressing and undressing can be a two-person task; otherwise it may pile up and be heavy compared to others.

Though it measures 18 x 36 feet, you can easily trim it to fit your pool's specific size. If something happens to your case, you can rest assured that it is backed by a 3-year warranty. Our team's favorite feature of the Robelle 1836RS-8 is that it raised the pool temperature very quickly compared to other in-ground pool solar covers we've tested.


Keeps evaporation down

Raise the temperature quickly


can group

a little too easy

9. In the Swim Rectangular Swimming Pool Solar Coverage 12 Thousand

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This In the Swim solar pool cover can be had at a very reasonable price compared to other similar covers. It is only available in light blue. The materials used to make the sun canopy are 12 mil UV stabilized resin.

This can easily be trimmed if needed. You can customize it to fit oval, kidney or other irregularly shaped dishes. While it's backed by a 7-year limited warranty, there's a list of things the included warranty doesn't cover, so it's important to do your research. While this cover is one of our top 10 picks out of the 20 solar pool covers we tested, it's low on durability and we'd be surprised if it lasts more than a few years.


good weight

Can easily reach high temperatures

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Must be handled gently

May deteriorate within a season or two

8. Sun2Solar Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond

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The Sun2Solar Midwest Canvas Solar Cover is the best in-ground pool solar cover for anyone who wants aeconomical option. Offers good heat retention in different seasons. It is made of resin material, and the case itself is a transparent case.

Unlike many other popular sun covers, this one uses diamond shaped bubbles, stating that with a diamond design you get more coverage from the bubbles to absorb more UV rays. While this solar pool cover's low price definitely makes it a good value for the ones we reviewed, it came in on the lower side compared to others in terms of ease of use and durability.


Easily removed/replaced by one person

It resists the cold well.


It doesn't look as thick as advertised.

difficult to lay flat

7. Cobertura solar Down Under Blue

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Next on our list of the best solar covers for in-ground pools, we have this solar cover from Down Under that uses a blue double layer technology that aims to add durability to the cover. It features reinforced seams that try to fight against wear and tear and wind resistance despite being very light.

More about durability: This sun cover is made from UV stabilized vinyl to resist fading from the sun and pool chemicals. Also, it comes with a decent 3-year warranty. While it works well, our biggest gripe with the Down Under Blue solar cover is that it's often sold out and probably not the best option for anyone needing a solar pool cover for the foreseeable future.


Comes with a good warranty

Raise the temperature quickly


could have a better weight

Cut can be off

6. MidWest Canvas SC-BS-000045 Space Age Cape

10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (6)

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The MidWest Canvas Space Age Sun Cover has a unique color design that is blue on silver. It helps the sun cover to absorb a lot of heat during the day and helps to retain that heat during the night. This rectangular deck is 18 feet by 40 feet and looks like it could be cut easily.

The 8mm material of this sun cover is UV protected. This allows the space-age cover to withstand increased heat without damage. Our biggest complaint when reviewing the Midwest Canvas Space Age cover is that after a few weeks it slowly but surely deteriorated in the pool water, resulting in little blue dots floating in the pool. I don't imagine this case will last more than a few years of use.


Fights evaporation well

easy to deal with


feel thin

can develop pores

5. Pool Mate 1836RS-8SBD BOXPM Deluxe-Solardeck

10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (7)

The Pool Mate Deluxe Solar Blanket is the ultimate solar cover for in-ground pools that use an aluminum heat shield. In general, the solar roof is made of polyethylene material, which has an exclusive aluminum shield on the other side. This blue on silver design is best for retaining heat in the pool.

Overall, the solar cover we tested was 18 feet by 36 feet, but it also comes in two other sizes, depending on the size of your pool. It comes with a 5-year warranty, but you'll need to talk to the company to see exactly what it does and doesn't do. This pool cover was one of the best, helping to heat the in-ground pool it was tested on, but like the MidWest Canvas Space Age cover, it showed signs of wear and tear even after several weeks of testing at our facility.


clean well

It can be easily cut to shape.


Need more longevity

Some quality control issues

4. Thermo-Tex rectangular cover

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The Thermo-Tex Sun Cover is made from UV stabilized polymeric material. It is a type of material developed to combat the degradation caused by chemicals from the sun and the pool. This material is 6 mil thick and lightweight, so one person can easily put it on and take it off.

Although it has a rectangular design and measures 16 x 32 feet, you can trim it to fit a variety of pool styles and sizes. It comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Our team's general consensus is that while it's more expensive, the quality is worth it. We had a few minor issues with it on a particularly windy day, but overall this is a solid choice for a solar cover for an in-ground pool.


cuts well

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Good quality out of the box


Doesn't hold the wind well

could tear

3. Round Solar Cover for Splash Pools

10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (9)

Led by our top 3 picks and next on our list of the best solar covers for in-ground pools, we have this blue solar cover by Splash Pools made from polypropylene material. It has thousands of tiny bubbles which are good at retaining heat. In fact, it can do such a good job that it can be overwhelming for those who live in hot climate areas.

The Splash Pools solar pool cover has a round design and measures 21 feet in total. It may look larger than many pools, but the excess is enough to trim if necessary. This pool is ideal for heating your in-ground pool and is also one of the most economical options on our list. Our only issue is that it lacked quality and durability compared to the top 2 picks we tested.


good size bubbles

Keeps water hot longer


May have lime deposits

looks a little skinny

2. Blue Wave NS520 14-Mil-Solardeck

10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (10)

This Blue Wave solar blanket is designed for rectangular pools. The one we tested was 16ft x 32ft but can easily be shortened if needed and also comes in 4-5 different sizes that are usually available online. The case is 14 mil thick, giving it a good weight so it doesn't explode. At the same time, you may need aroll of sun coveror another person to assist in removal or archiving.

The sun cover features round bubbles and is naturally transparent. This effort is designed to help the cover absorb more UV rays to better maintain the temperature in the pool. The Blue Wave NS520 14K Solar Mantle knocks them out of the park with durability, quality, and heatability, but it's a little fiddly to handle and set up in an in-ground pool.


Withstands pool chemicals well.

lies flat


looks a little stiff

Difficult to handle manually.

1. Sun2Solar rectangular transparent pool solar cover

10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (11)

Check the latest price

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Now for the crème de la crème. The Sun2Solar solar cover is considered by many to be the best solar cover for an in-ground pool, including the vast majority of our team who participated in solar cover tests. It's affordable, durable, heats pools very well, and still has good value for money. The 16-by-32-foot coverage we tested comes in blue or clear and is made up of thousands of round bubbles.

This pool cover is also available in over a dozen different sizes for rectangular and square pools, which means less cutting and more installation convenience. When considering which color is best, blue can offer an attractive look, while clear does a better job of attracting more heat.

This solar cover is 12 mil thick and can provide reasonable durability. You can tailor it to your specific needs and not have to worry about voiding your warranty. This was our team's hands-down favorite of the 20 solar pool covers we tested and is an online bestseller.


Helps balance chemicals.

Raise the temperature quickly


Can be difficult to remove

the seams can be opened

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out some of the most common questions our team encounters related to solar pool covers, along with their experts' answers! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

Do solar pool covers really work?

Yes, solar pool covers really work! They help retain heat and reduce moisture, and when used in outdoor pools, they also help heat the pool water.

What is the best cover thickness for solar pools?

Solar polar shrouds are about 8 to 16 mils thick. Thicker covers retain heat better and are less likely to be blown away by high winds, but are heavier.

How does a solar cover for an in-ground pool actually work?

Then,How exactly does a solar pool cover work??

Our team's answer: a solar pool cover essentially works as a thermal cover. It traps the sun's heat and protects your pool from debris and debris. It also prevents heat loss and helps prevent water from evaporating.

Which side of the solar pool cover is facing up? (Blow up or blow up?)

Simply put, if you're trying to figure out which side of your pool's solar cover is facing up, know that the "bubble side" should be facing down and facing the water. This means that the "flat side" of the lid should be facing up and towards the sky.

Where can you buy solar pool covers?

Our team agrees that the easiest place to buy a solar pool cover is online, due to the lowest prices and variety of options available. We recommend Amazon, In The Swim or PoolSupplies.com. If you prefer to shop in-store, Home Depot or Leslie's Pool Supplies are good options if you have a location nearby.

What size solar pool cover do I need?

Our team recommends that to correctly determine the correct size solar cover you need for your pool, you simply measure the longest and widest points on the pool.

The objective is that, when installed, the cover completely covers the surface of the pool water, leaving no gaps in the cover for heat to escape. Knowing the length and width of your pool can help you avoid purchasing a pool cover that is too small. If a cover is too large, it can usually be easily cut to suit the size and shape of your pool.

How to install a solar pool cover?

Installing a new solar pool cover isn't incredibly difficult, but there are a few steps you shouldn't miss. To get started, simply remove the cover from the packaging and place it beside the pool. Carefully unfold it so as not to create any rips or tears, then gently spread it out over the pool surface, bubble side down (as detailed above). Our team suggests leaving it out in the sun for a few hours if possible to give the skin time to decompress.

If you have a sun roller, this can usually be done by one person; otherwise, we recommend that a family member or friend help you with this process. The next step is to cut the pool solar cover to the size and shape of your pool, if needed. You want it to be really snug, with a little bit of excess so there are no gaps for heat to escape. look at ourComplete guide to installing solar pool coversfor more details.

What's the best color when it comes to a solar cover for your in-ground pool?

As mentioned above, solar pool covers are available in different thicknesses. When it's aboutblue vs transparent pool solar coversIn general, blue solar covers are lighter and often less thick than "clear" or non-colored solar covers. This makes them more durable and generally better for heating your in-ground pool.

Blue solar covers typically measure 4 mil (thinner and last 1-2 years) and 8 mil (thicker and last 2-3 years). Clear solar covers can measure 12 mil (the second thickest option and lasts 4-5 years) and 16 mil (the thickest option and can usually last 6-10 years).

Thicker pool covers (which are often clear) can be more expensive compared to their thinner blue counterparts. We recommend choosing one of our top 3 options that we've tested and reviewed extensively above based on your budget and how long you want your pool solar cover to last.

How quickly does a solar cover heat a swimming pool?

In an in-ground pool, a solar cover can increase the water temperature by 5 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit for every 12 hours of coverage. Without a cover, pool water absorbs a significant amount of sunlight. A white plaster pool with an average depth of 4.5 meters absorbs about 60% of solar energy. This energy heats the pool at approximately 0.7°F per hour in direct midday sun. Take a look at our full deep divehow fast does a solar cover heat a pool here.

How long does a solar pool cover last?

As a solar cover is made of plastic material, after a while it starts to deteriorate. Due to the outside elements and chemicals in your pool, the pool cover corners will start to dry out and the bubbles will start to shrivel as well. High quality solar covers can remain in good condition for around 4 to 5 years on average.

Our roundup of the best solar covers for in-ground pools

We hope you enjoyed this guide to choosing the best solar cover for your in-ground pool!

A quality solar pool cover has many benefits, from maintaining your pool temperature to balancing pool chemicals. You can use previous reviews to decide which product is the best solar cover for your in-ground pool.Our team's first personal choice is theSun2Solar Transparent rectangular solar blanket.

Let us know what you think about our best solar pool covers in the comments section below!

10 solar covers for inground pools (Reviews & Guide 2022) (12)

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